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And while I am your friend, please understand that our goals do not completely align. You must not trust yourself with me. If I have to watch this world crumble and burn to get what I need, I will do so. With tears, yes, but I would let it happen.

— Hoid to Dalinar[1]

Hoid is a recurring character in the cosmere. He has appeared in almost every cosmere novel, short story, and novella which takes place in that universe.

Hoid was involved in the events taking place before any of the cosmere's published books begin and is the second oldest character seen so far.[2] He was originally human, but has changed enough that when asked, Brandon only says "It's complicated."[3] Hoid is not a Shard, nor is he a Herald, but something else entirely.[4] He is very skilled with disguises, and the overtness of his involvement varies from book to book. In some, he is named outright and makes references to other events and places in the cosmere, while in others he is seen only deep in disguise, almost unrecognizable. Brandon has confirmed that all of these appearances are the same individual,[5] but that he worldhops between planets. Hoid's motives are unknown, and most of his actions occur behind the scenes.

His particular style of storytelling in which he manipulates sand or smoke to illustrate his stories, as in Warbreaker and The Way of Kings, does not originate from White Sand, but from another unpublished story, The Liar of Partinel.[6] In Warbreaker, Siri asked Hoid where he learned his style of story telling. Hoid answered, "I learned it many, many years ago from a man who didn't know who he was, Your Majesty. It was a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died. But that is unimportant." His origin will be revealed in the Dragonsteel series,[7] and so it is commonly believed Hoid is from Yolen, the world of Dragonsteel and Liar. He also has a "home base" somewhere in the cosmere.[8]

Hoid is neither the author of the Ars Arcana, nor of the back-of-book blurb for Words of Radiance.[9] He occasionally will show up somewhere, stand around for a while, realize there isn't a novel-worthy plot going on, and leave.[10]


Early Life[edit]

I had thought that when he rejected the rest of us, he would stop interfering. I should know better than to trust an implication from him. Half the time you can't trust his outright promises. . . .

—Fuzz on Hoid[11]

Very little of Hoid's origin is known beyond the fact that he was present at the Shattering of Adonalsium on Yolen.[12] He knew at least some of the original Vessels personally, was friends with Rayse,[13] and Tanavast once bought him a drink.[14] Hoid was once offered a Shard at the time of the Shattering, but refused to take it.[15] He also did something in his past that he regretted.[16]

At some point following the Shattering, Hoid traveled to Roshar. He met the singers there and even shared a dance with one of them, Vatwha, a member of the Fused. He also at some point interacted with the Unkalaki culture, where they came to worship him as Lunu'anaki, the god of travel and mischief. They learned of his inability to hurt others, and details of this affliction and his appearance entered the Unkalaki mythology.

His appearances are listed below, organized by book series and not necessarily in chronological order. He makes no appearance in Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell.[17]

The Restoration of Elantris (Sel)[edit]

There is beauty in every disaster, friend, if you are clever enough to find it."

— Hoid to a skaze

Hoid traveled to Sel, likely making use of Devotion's Perpendicularity in Arelon. Hoid spoke to the skaze, and seems to have made some sort of agreement with them hinging on his desire to become an Elantrian with the restoration of Elantris.[18] Hoid disguised himself as a beggar, wrapped in bandages. He helped Sarene smuggle weapons into Elantris.[19] Following the restoration of the city by Raoden, Hoid traveled to the Pool to meet a skaze. He removed his bandages, hoping to find himself transformed into an Elantrian, but the transformation had not occured. The skaze ridiculed Hoid for his failure, but Hoid expressed his joy that secrets still remained unknown to him and then entered the Perpendicularity and transitioned to Shadesmar.

Hoid returned to Sel several years later, and found himself a position in the court of Emperor Ashravan in the Rose Empire as the Royal Fool. He allied himself with the Forger Shai in her attempt to steal the Moon Scepter, an artifact that allows for the translation of the various symbols of Selish Investiture. He arranged for her to be caught after she'd left the Gallery with the Scepter and later used her duplicate the steal the scepter for himself. [20]

The Collapse of the Final Empire and Catacendre (Scadrial)[edit]

Hoid arrived on Scadrial, likely through Ruin's Perpendicularity in the Pits of Hathsin. He took up the guise of an informant, pretending to have bad eyesight in order to make himself less threatening to people seeking information from him.[21] At some point he became known to both Dockson and Ashweather Cett. Kelsier, pretending to be a nobleman contacted Hoid, requesting information on House Renoux. Hoid (closed shop, smoking tobacco) met with Kelsier on the streets of Luthadel and told him that House Renoux was buying large amounts of weapons and armor from various noble houses and that Lord Renoux was considering a marriage between Valette and Elend Venture. He also claimed that Renoux was rumored to have some sort of leverage on Venture and that he knew Shan Elariel to be a Soother. At some point following this, he left Scadrial to attend to other business, again likely via the Pits.[22]

Kelsier and Hoid's meeting at the Well of Ascension by LittleGreyDragon

Around a year later, Hoid returned to Scadrial, traveling through Scadrial's subastral, riding on the back of a Cognitive Shadow to the Well of Ascension, Preservation's Perpendicularity.[11] He encountered the Shadow of Kelsier, who asked for help returning to the Physical Realm. Hoid told him that there was nothing to be done, but he challenged Kelsier to an insult battle, with the prize being the answer to one true question. Kelsier instead threatened Hoid. Hoid attempted to enter the pool, but Kelsier attacked him. After the two wrestled, Hoid easily overpowers Kelsier in their and caused him serious pain, if not permanent injury. Hoid then transitioned through the Well and stole the bead of lerasium from the adjacent room.

Hoid then traveled to the Terris Dominance for reasons unknown,[23][22] and then became wrapped up in matters he did not anticipate. This may refer to him becoming involved after the Inquisitor attackk on Tathingdwen and the slaughter of the Synod. Hoid took up the guise of a Terris leader[24] and led the Terris refugees to the Central Dominance.[25]

A year later, Hoid was in Fadrex City, again acting as an informant, and Ashweather Cett suggested Vin speak to him.[26] Just before Vin arrived, Kelsier's Cognitive Shadow noticed Hoid from within the Cognitive Realm.[27] Kelsier tried to touch Hoid's soul, but was rebuffed by a shock that numbed his hand. At that moment, Vin arrived intending to meet with Hoid,[26] but Kelsier attempted to warn her away from Shadesmar[27] and she sensed he had something off about him[28] and instead chose not to speak to him.

  • Add something about Cett knowing him and Hoid's appearance in Fadrex...

Pahn Kahl Rebellion (Nalthis)[edit]

I seek not to be charming, Your Grace, I only tell stories.

—Hoid to Siri[29]

Hoid travels to Nalthis at some point and becomes a well-known master storyteller in the Court of the Gods.[29] It is possible that this is the time period in which Hoid gained hundreds of Breaths to achieve at least the Second Heightening. Lightsong summons him to tell himself and Siri the history of the division between Idris and Hallandren, answering their questions about the Manywar, Peacegiver, and the God king.[29] Hoid makes use of a unique storytelling method (?)

Roshar (The Stormlight Archive)[edit]

I've come to your land to chase an old acquaintance, but I end up spending most of my time hiding from him instead.

— Hoid to Kaladin.[30]

Prior Visits[edit]

At some point during or prior to the ear 11xx Hoid returned to Roshar through Cultivation's Perpendicularity in the Horneater Peaks. He encountered Lunamor as he exited the Perpendicularity, making fun of his beard and asking for the year by the Unkalaki calendar. Hoid at some point met Hallaran Davar in Alethkar, taking note of his determination.

Around mid-1170 when Hoid mentioned to Helaran that he was traveling westward, Helaran asked him to deliver a message to Lin Davar. Helaran wished Lin to know that he had eyes near to Lin that were watching him.

Hoid came to the Middlefest fair in rural Jah Keved and met with Lin Davar in his box.[31] As they began to speak, Hoid was shocked to catch sight of Shallan Davar, as he was likely able to detect her nascent spren bond. Hoid slipped metal shavings into his own drink before talking to Lin Davar, making use of emotionally Allomancy to manipulate the man. When Shallan entered her carriage to speak with Wikim, Hoid climbed a nearby jella tree and waited for her to exit. When she came out, he revealed himself to her, expressing surprise that he had found her. Shallan asked for news of Helaran, and Hoid told her that he was busy doing things he found important and shared the contents of Helaran's message with her. Hoid asked her if spren spoke to her, but Shallan denied it, refusing to think of the memories she had chosen to forget. Hoid then told her a parable of two blind men, asking her if beauty can ever be taken from a man completely. Shallan replied that she did not believe so, and Hoid asked her to imagine the most beautiful thing she could in exchange for knowledge of Helaran's whereabouts. As Shallan explained her dream of a happy family, she almost began to Lightweave an illusion with Stormlight from Hoid's spheres, but stopped before she could. Hoid realized that she was not yet ready and encouraged her in her struggle to keep her family together. Before Hoid left, he told her Heleran was currently in Alethkar and that he would bring word of Shallan to him if he got the chance.

Likely at some point following this, Hoid took an apprentice by the name of Sigzil, trying to teach him the ways of the Worldsingers as well as some common sense.[30] The two men spent some time in Marabethia and Hoid was forced to bail Sigzil out of jail three times, as the locals had realized him to be a wealthy man. Somehow Hoid and Sigzil became separated in such a way that Hoid believed Sigzil had died.[30]

Sometime between 1170[32] and late 1173,[33] Hoid encountered Lift in Marabethia, talking with her about how it was permissible for art to be crass before jumping into the mouth of a yu-nerig.[34] At some point, Hoid also became aware that members of the Seventeenth Shard had come to Roshar hunting him[35] and had laid a false trail through the Purelake for them to chase.[36]

The King's Wit[edit]

He also had become the King's Wit of Alethkar by around the middle of the year 1173.[37] He lived in the Alethi warcamps on the Shattered Plains, insulting the Alethi nobility in the stead of the king. While as Wit, Hoid would often vanish without explanation for a time before returning, but Elhokar's fondness for Hoid's sense of humor prevented Hoid from being replaced as Wit.[38] Hoid became very familiar with the Kholin family, Adolin came to like him, whereas Dalinar and Renarin were less certain.[37] Highprince Sadeas loathed Wit and desired to kill him.[39] Hoid commonly attended the feasts of the nobility, including one where he seriously insulted Highprince Roion A week later, Hoid accompanied Elhokar Kholin and his family on a chasmfiend hunt on the Plains themselves, mocking Dalinar's sons until Dalinar put a stop to it and Hoid moved on to talk to others.[37] After the disastrous fight with the chasmfiend, Hoid had something to do, but he then met with Elhokar again, along with the other Kholins and Sadeas.[39] Wit insulted Sadeas repeatedly, daring him to kill him before Sadeas stormed away. Wit left the Plains riding at the head of the party with Elhokar.

A few weeks later at another of Elhokar's feasts, Hoid stole a stool from one of the lighteyed artist competitions and set himself up near the bridge to the king's feasting island, insulting each of the people who came by.[40] When Dalinar came by, Hoid warned him that there were rumors about Dalinar being spread about, including that Dalinar had mentioned abandoning the Vengeance Pact. As Dalinar left, Navani approached the island and she and Wit exchanged friendly insults.

Hoid became suspicious that Dalinar Kholin was a member of a secret society that was cosmere aware.[citation needed] At another feast later, Hoid sat down next to Dalinar at a feast, wearing a hooded cloak.[41] Hoid asked Dalinar if he had heard the term Adonalsium. After Dalinar expressed confusion, Hoid moved on with the conversation, warning Dalinar that Sadeas was planning a revelation at the feast that night, although he was uncertain what it was. Hoid told Dalinar that he had to leave the Plains, but that events were growing dangerous and that Dalinar was at the core of it all. Before leaving the Plains, Hoid stopped by the edge of the chasms, lighting a fire and playing his Trailman's flute.[30] Kaladin happened by at the time, and Wit called out to Kaladin introducing himself and asking Kaladin's name. Kaladin tried to leave, but before he could Wit asked that he stay and listen to a story. Hoid told Kaladin the tale of Derethil and the Wandersail, a Rosharan myth about a king who sailed to the origin of the Voidbringers. As Kaladin saw various images from the story in Hoid's fire, it is possible that Hoid was Lightweaving as he played. After the story, Kaladin asked Hoid if the tale had been true and Hoid admitted it had been a lie. When Kaladin asked what the story had meant, Hoid refused to explain, saying it was up to the person who heard it to interpret for themselves. When Kaladin said that the story had been about taking responsibility, Hoid asked what Kaladin had been trying to avoid responsibility for and gave Kaladin his flute, asking Kaladin to learn to play it. As he left, Hoid asked Kaladin to look after Sigzil and tell him that he had achieved the rank of a full Worldsinger.

Hoid left the Plains, traveling to the Alethi capital of Kholinar,[42] perhaps making use of his foresight. When he arrived there, he sat on a pile of boxes just inside the gate. His odd behavior drew the attention of some of the Kholinar guard, who spoke with him for a time about the most valuable attribute a man could have. Hoid dismissed all their answers, explaining that timeliness was the most valued, as anything produced second was inevitably seen as derivative. The gate was suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant who cut his way in with a Shardblade. The Herald Talenel entered the city, warning that a new Desolation had come, before collapsing. After the man collapsed, Hoid pondered quietly to himself that he feated the Herald himself had arrived too late.

  • Reference him meeting Jasnah[43] and Navani[40] at some point.
  • Hoid thought Sig had been killed, tried to force some sense into his head. [30]

Wit rode in a wagon with Taln and Dalinar's man Bordin when Bordin brought the supposed-madman and his Blade to the Shattered Plains.[44] On the second day, Wit apparently grew tired of their company, hitting himself in the head with a rock several times before telling Bordin that he needed an objective frame of reference to judge the experience of Bordin's company, which apparently fell around four or five blows to the head. Hoid then ran off into the hills for reasons unknown.

All people are musicians,” Wit countered. “The question is whether or not they share their songs.

—Hoid to Kal

Hoid still arrived at the Shattered Plains later on his own however.[45] He did not immediately return to Elhokar's court, preferring to remain unknown for a while and prepare a dramatic entrance. He also discovered that Kaladin had lost the flute he had given him. One one day, Hoid managed to replacing Adolin's normal carriage driver. Before going to get Kaladin and Adolin, he paid another man to stand at a certain corner to take over as driver so he could vanish mysteriously.

When Hoid arrived, Kaladin noticed him quickly and was surprised.[45] Kaladin climbed up on the front of the carriage with Hoid for the trip to Sebarial's warcamp and Hoid asked Kaladin whether he had learned to play the flute. Before Kaladin could respond, Wit interrupted him, telling him that he already knew that Kaladin had lost the flute and mocking him for it several times. When Kaladin protested music was a woman's art, Hoid questioned why the women's arts all seemed more fun. He mocked Kaladin several times, trying to get Kaladin engaged in the conversation, but Kaladin refused to respond wittily. Hoid finally made a passing reference to Kaladin's flying, leading Kaladin to believe Wit was aware of his Surgebinding and alarming him. When Kaladin asked what Hoid wanted, he responded that he only wanted a story from Kaladin, mocking him again. They fell silent for a time, before Kaladin remarked on the oddity new farmers setting up fields, even though the highstorms are stronger in the east. Hoid explained to Kaladin that the whole area had once been farmed and admonished him for not knowing much about human nature or how to have a good time. Kaladin told Hoid that his definition of fun was being where Hoid was not, to which Hoid replied that maybe Kaladin still had some wit about him after all.

After arriving at Sebarial's manor, Hoid asked the footman to fetch Shallan and Adolin left the carriage and was also astonished to see Hoid driving it.[45] Hoid climbed down to speak with Adolin, who wanted to know what had happened to his normal driver. Hoid was insulted that Adolin seemed to think he had hurt the man and joked that Adolin's driver was probably escaped from being tied up by then. When Shallan arrived, she was astounded to recognize him from her childhood and immediately hugged Hoid to his astonishment, the first hug he had received in a long time. Shallan thanked him for the help he had given her as a girl. Adolin expressed shock that anyone would hug the King's Wit, as he was not supposed to be well-liked. Shallan told Hoid that she needed to speak to him, as she could only remember some of their first meeting. Hoid told her that he was busy but he would try to fit her into his schedule. After Adolin helped Shallan into the carriage he told Wit to stay away from her, worried that he was interested in Shallan. Hoid told Adolin that she was far too young for him and that there was only one woman his age in the area anyway. After Adolin entered the carriage, Hoid told Kaladin to flirt with Shallan a little to bother Adolin even though she was lighteyed, as Alethi put too much stock in eye color. When they decided to go to the menagerie instead of a winehouse, Adolin told Hoid to change his destination. At some point after that, Hoid successfully switched places with the man he had paid earlier, leaving him to convey the carriage to its destination while he escaped.

Hoid then discovered that there was a new place he needed to go, a place out in the Unclaimed Hills of Natanatan. When he arrived at the correct place near a river, he played his pipes, alternating with the songlings for a time. Having identified one of the nearby cremlings as a member of the Sleepless, Hoid spoke aloud about the nature of art and the difficulty of expectations from an audience. Afterwards, he intentionally struck a knowing pose just before Jasnah Kholin transitioned to the Physical Realm from Shadesmar. When Jasnah saw Wit, she summoned her Blade threatening Hoid and demanded that he tell her how he had found her. Hoid told her that her Blade was no threat to him and Jasnah attempted to leave, believing that she needed to warn humankind about the Everstorm, locate Urithiru and refound the Radiants. Hoid told her that she was too late for all three, claiming that she was better of remaining in Shadesmar as the end of Roshar had come. He told her that the Everstorm would bring the transformation of the singers soon and that the Desolation would occur differently this time than it had in the past. When Jasnah wondered where mankind would find answers for the fight to come as the records of the past were meaningless and the Almighty was dead, Wit told her that he believed she was looking for God in the wrong places and that both God and salvation from the Desolation could be found in the hearts of men. The two departed, traveling towards civilization.

During their trip, Wit explained to Jasnah the origins of Rosharan humankind and how it had led to the Recreance and the destruction of the Knights Radiant. He also gave he drawings of the Heralds true faces so that she could identify them herself.

Mention Hoid knowing that Jasnah had caused problems with the spren?

The Fused, however, are now trained to watch for him - most likely to capture him and deliver him to Odium.

The Way of Kings[edit]

In a departure from his previous appearances, Hoid plays a more conspicuous role in the events on Roshar. Most often seen under the guise of Wit, Elhokar Kholin's court jester, he influences Dalinar, going so far as to ask Dalinar if he has ever heard the term "Adonalsium".[41] He also tells Kaladin the story of Derethil and the Wandersail.[30] During the course of the story, Hoid uses a special, ancient flute called a Trailman's flute. It is also likely that he uses Lightweaving to cause the smoke from the fire to take the form of various elements from his story. In the first Interlude, Ishikk talks with three men from the Seventeenth Shard who had paid him to search for Hoid in the Purelake. These three men are Galladon, Demoux, and Baon. He appears again towards the end of the book as Taln arrives in Kholinar.[42]

Words of Radiance[edit]

Hoid again in this plays his minor role as Wit, though he is absent for most of the book. In Shallan's flashback to three and a half years ago, she meets Hoid disguised as a messenger, and he talks to her. Rock also describes an encounter with him in the Horneater Oceans and calls him Lunu'anaki, the god of travel and mischief who cannot hurt man.[46][47]

Hoid is also seen acting as the carriage driver for Adolin when he is visiting Shallan at Sebarial's warcamp. He speaks to Kaladin about his flute and mentions that he wants an interesting story from him. When Shallan recognizes him she happily hugs him for his advice from three and a half years prior when he encouraged her at her worst and told her to keep seeking the light.[45]

Hoid, acting as Wit, visits Kaladin while he is in prison. He tells Kaladin the story of a man named Fleet who raced a highstorm across one end of Roshar to the other. Fleet wins, but dies of exhaustion at the end, and his spirit goes on to race the wind forever.

Later, at the end of the book, he meets with Jasnah Kholin as she exits Shadesmar, offering to travel with her.[14]


The white-haired man who Lift says jumped into the mouth of a greatshell is implied to be Hoid.


The three letters in part two of Oathbringer are directed at Cephandrius. The first two explicity says this, but the third one just says friend, however it is likely that they are all referring to the same person.

Hoid appears as Wit in the middle of the novel, discussing the nature of power with Shallan. He later helps her get into the Cult of Moments, and finds Shallan at her darkest moment when she discovers the food she has been giving to the poor is just making things worse.

Shalash, upon seeing sketches of Talenel and herself, wonders aloud why Midius (a name taken by Hoid in an as-yet-unpublished text) is giving away drawings of them.[48]

In the epilogue, Hoid is shown in Kholinar insulting a Thaylen man in an attempt to elicit a reaction. Upon realizing that the man can't understand Alethi, Hoid decides repeating it all in Thaylen would be boring, so he cuts in front of the man. The man hits Hoid, knocking loose a tooth which Hoid discards upon leaving the area. Hoid uses Awakening to lure a child away from the corpse of her mother, leaving the child in the care of a family in the city. He then heads to the palace where he finds a Cryptic, presumably the spren Elhokar was about to bond before he died.[49]

Post-Catacendric Scadrial[edit]

Oh, my lord, I know it, I do. I own the place, technically. Now, regarding those coins for old Hoid, my good lord...

—Hoid to Wax[50]

At some point following his actions on Roshar, Hoid returned to Scadrial to attend the wedding of Lord Joshin Yomen and Lady Mi'chelle Ostlin,[51][52] two friends of his that he had made at some unknown point in the past.[53] Rather than coming to Scadrial in response to some important event, Hoid initially came merely to congratulate his friends.[53] He came dressed all in black, appearing as a scruffy looking beggar and spoke to the couple soon after they arrived at the dinner.[54] It is unknown if he was present for the subsequent Vanisher attack. Hoid may have left the planet briefly afterwards, but something on Scadrial had caught his attention and he was back several months later[citation needed][55]. Hoid became employed as Waxillium Ladrian's new carriage driver.[56] By that point he had become friendly with Wayne, who liked him but did not know anything about Hoid's true identity.[57] When Wax headed to the precinct station to question Rian, Hoid drove the carriage and Wayne rode up front with him.[56] During the carriage ride, Hoid eavesdropped on Wax's conversation with Harmony about Bleeder's plans to disrupt the Elendel Basin.[58]

Hoid's actions after this point are unclear. Hoid somehow obtained a coin-like unsealed metalmind containing a memory of Kelsier aiding the southern Scadrians survive the aftereffects of the Catacendre.[59] He also spent some time in New Seran and following Nazh's theft of Nicki Savage's map of New Seran, Hoid asked her if she wanted to hear a story, an offer that she declined.[60][citation needed][61] He has also somehow come to the conclusion that he is the true owner of Kelesina Shores' mansion there,[62] for somewhat legitimate but unknown reasons.[63] He was apparently a regular intruder on the mansion grounds, to the irritation of the guards.[50] During this time, Hoid took the appearance of a beggar with long, unkempt fingernails and a ragged shirt. Hoid appeared blind with milky white eyes.

When Waxillium Ladrian walked up the path to Kelsina's mansion to attend a party with Wayne, MeLaan, Steris Harms and Marasi Colms, Hoid climbed out of the bushes, startling Wax.[50] Wanting to reveal Kelsier's resurrection and identity as the Sovereign,[64] Hoid looked for an opportunity to pass on the unsealed metalmind. He asked Wax for a few clips.[50] Steris noticed Hoid's cologne and asked him if he was wearing cologne. Hoid was startled by her observation and claimed that he had been drinking perfume, as it had quite a kick. Steris told him that that was unhealthy and Wax advised Hoid that he should leave the private grounds. Hoid agreed but claimed that it was his property and again asked for coins. Wax gave him a banknote and told him again to leave the grounds. Hoid claimed it was far too much and that he wished to give Waxillium change. As Wax walked away, Hoid threw the coin at Wax's head, who caught it in midair. A groundsman then noticed Hoid and tried to chase him off. Hoid laughed and escaped back into the bushes again. Hoid believes he is getting away with something here, and this time period is perhaps when Hoid is the happiest.[65](Phrase this better)

The Letters[edit]

In the epigraphs in Part 2 of The Way of Kings, there is the text of a letter. Both its author and recipient are unknown. This letter refers to Vessels by their names and begs the recipient for aid in the struggle against Rayse, holder of the Shard Odium. If Hoid wrote this letter, it offers valuable insights into his personality and goals. The author of the Letter is being hunted by the Seventeenth Shard and has set a false trail for them to follow, which lines up well with the interlude in which three men are searching for Hoid. Brandon has also said that we "may have read that Hoid has specific beef with Rayse," with the Letter being the only real example of this.[66]

The Letters in Oathbringer's epigraphs are all from Shards[67] and possibly all of them are directed to Hoid.

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Hoid's appearance varies dramatically from book to book. He's often in disguise, which makes his true appearance difficult to ascertain. Couple this with the fact that he can most likely Lightweave his appearance in order to look however he wants, it makes it nearly impossible to know for sure what he looks like. To the best of our knowledge, his face is lined,[41] hawk-like and arrow shaped. Hoid is tall and thin[37] and also has a sharp nose and jaw with delicate eyebrows.[41] He tends to cock his head to one side[30] and has keen blue eyes.[37] Hoid's hair is white, although he occasionally dyes it.[35] There is a particular reason for his hair being white, which will be revealed in the future.[68]

Hoid's true personality, while also usually disguised, is more easily seen as he occasionally drops whatever part he is playing. One of his overall most noticeable traits is his sharp wit and intelligence. The characters he plays often have a penchant for jokes and mockery but when he removes the facade his personality often seems mysterious and grave.[42][30] If he was asked about whether he called himself a good man personality-wise, Hoid would reply with a "No".[69]

Hoid cannot easily kill people "because of certain things in his past."[70] Rock says he cannot hurt man because it is forbidden by other gods.[46] He also tells a young Shallan, "You needn't fear me. I'm terribly ineffective at hurting people. I blame my upbringing."[31] Hoid apologizes to Kelsier after beating him in a fight, stating he doesn't have the inclination to do real harm to him.[11] This aversion causes him to be nauseous when thinking about physically harming someone, and is sometimes bad enough to incapacitate him. However, this only extends to physical trauma- Hoid has no issues with mentally hurting someone or through inaction.[71] Hoid also has issues with harming himself physically, such as when he has to manipulate another man into punching him when he wants a tooth knocked out, rather than just doing it himself.[49][72] This is an involuntary trait.[73]

On Roshar as King Elhokar's Wit he appears to be in his mid-30's[74] and was described as

Tall and thin, the King's Wit rode easily on a black gelding. He wore a stiff black coat and black trousers, a color matched by his deep onyx hair. Though he wore a long, thin sword tied to his waist, as far as Adolin knew, the man had never drawn it. A dueling foil rather than a military blade, it was mostly symbolic.


The blade is not magically invested but has personal value to Hoid.[75] It is a symbol of office for the King's Wit, though Hoid "isn't even that good with a sword".[76]


{/{theory}} Hoid does not yet have the abilities of every planet he's visited.[77] Some of his powers predate the Shattering, but none of them are gained through Hemalurgy.[78] Hoid is concerned about opening himself up to the influence of Shards, so he only gains access to manifestations of Investiture through more conventional ways.[79] Hoid has access to multiple Invested Arts, but not an incredibly large number.[80]


I see. You do not yet understand the nature of lies. I had that trouble myself, long ago. The Shards here are very strict. You will have to see the truth, child, before you can expand upon it. Just as a man should know the law before he breaks it.

—Hoid on Lightweaving to Shallan[31]

Hoid has access to an Invested Art known as Lightweaving that originates from Yolen prior to the Shattering of Adonalsium.[81] Lightweaving allows for the creation of optical and sonic illusions.[82] This Lightweaving was much less restrictive than the later Rosharan variant,[31] and did not require a spren or Stormlight to function.[81] Hoid sometimes makes use of this ability in his disguises[83] although he has several ways of changing how he looks[84] and he also makes uses of practical effects as well.[85] He may also make use of it in some of his storytelling,[86] such as the pictures of Derethil and the Wandersail Kaladin sees in the smoke when Hoid is telling him a story.[30]

Hoid's Yolish Lightweaving does not always seem to function perfectly on Roshar,[87] in fact he needs help from Shallan to fully craft an illusion.[88] His power is somehow limited, and he has trouble making some aspects of it work, even after multiple attempts.[87] It is uncertain why this occurs and whether or not this issue is unique to Roshar. Hoid's bonding of a cryptic will allow for some supplemental ability with his Lightweaving[89] and may allow him to overcome this issue crafting illusions, although further impacts or resonances between the two are unknown.[90] Hoid's access to Yolish Lightweaving does allow him to guide another Lightweaver's power, although this is not something he would be able to do with just any Invested Art.[87]


Hoid travels between various planets within the cosmere by making use of perpendicularities,[91] places usually created by the presence of a Shard on a planet where the sheer power of Investiture causes the borders between the realms to be weakened.[92] A knowledgeable person such as Hoid is able to transition from the Physical Realm to the Cognitive Realm.[91] Hoid can then travel to a different world's subastral, as the distances between worlds in Shadesmar are much smaller than in the Physical Realm.[93] Hoid is very proficient at traveling in Shadesmar.[94] He can easily travel to any world that has an active perpendicularity, even those worlds where the perpendicularities are dangerous to pass through such as the Well of Ascension.[11] Hoid is known to be aware of perpendicularities on Scadrial,[11] Sel,[95] and Roshar,[46] and likely knows of Nalthis's perpendicularity as well.[29][96] While Hoid typically makes use of natural perpendicularities in his travels, later in life he may also have access to an ability that essentially allows him to generate his own personal perpendicularity, much like the Surge of Transportation.[97]

Agelessness and Time-Dilation[edit]

Other men . . . other men, as they age, merely grow stranger. I fear that I am one of those. I am the bones of a foreign species left drying on the plain that was once, long ago, a sea. A curiosity, perhaps a reminder, that all has not always been as it is now.

—Hoid on his age[98]

Hoid has lived for many more years than any mortal human would be able to live.[99] This immortality is known to have come from some remnant of the weapon the original sixteen Vessels constructed in an attempt to kill Adonalsium.[100] Additionally, Hoid has not actually experienced all those years,[101] instead making use of some time-dilation technique that may render him somehow unconscious or unaware.[102] However, Hoid does not have the ability to travel backwards in time.[103]

Healing Factor[edit]

I'd be surprised if that little knife of yours poses me any real threat, Kholin

—Hoid to Jasnah on her Shardblade

Hoid has access to some sort of healing factor that is capable of repairing both the body and the soul.[104] He is able to regenerate any damaged body parts at will, including his head. Hoid is able to repress his healing factor in some way, preventing instantaneous healing, an ability that he makes use of in some of his disguises.[49] This healing factor makes it very difficult to kill Hoid,[70] although he is still at least somewhat vulnerable.[49] The name of the manifestation of Investiture responsible for Hoid's healing is unknown, but it is ancient,[72] likely originating from some Pre-Shattering source. It is uncertain whether or not this healing factor is at all related to Hoid's apparent agelessness, which is known to originate from a remnant of a weapon built to kill Adonalsium.[100]


I have discovered a place that I must be, though to be honest I'm not exactly sure why I need to be there. This doesn't always work as well as I'd like it to.

—Hoid to Dalinar[1]

Hoid has access to an ability that allows him to make use of the Spiritual attribute of Fortune,[105], which grants him a limited amount foresight.[106] Hoid's Fortune ability gives him an innate knowledge of where and when he needs to be.[106] While this ability may grant him knowledge of what he is to do,[105][107] usually Hoid does not know why his ability has brought him to a specific place.[105] Hoid's Fortune ability is not infallible, occasionally it directs him to go somewhere, but either nothing notable is happening or he is unable to discover the reason why he has been led there.[108] Hoid's fortune ability has let him know about instant noodles.[109] (trivia?)


Hoid has access to some manifestation of Investiture that allows him to manipulate the Spiritual attribute of Connection. The full extent of this ability is unknown, but its primary known use is to help Hoid speak the various languages of the worlds of the cosmere that he visits. The ability allows him to Connect to whatever land he is in, temporarily altering his Spiritual aspect to believe that he was raised in that place, allowing him to speak as a native.[110] While Hoid has learned naturally how to speak some foreign languages,[111] and is decent with languages, he desires to pass as a local oftentimes, which requires something beyond natural learning.[112] Generally he makes use of the his Connection ability to communicate in foreign languages.[111] This ability is not without fault though, as when Hoid speaks naturally it will fill in local idioms and phrases on its own, but if Hoid is careless and focuses on a specific word or phrase the ability may fail and he will say the word verbatim in his own tongue[110] or it may be said in an odd way.[113] Hoid is an expert in using his Connection ability, but even he sometimes makes mistakes. This is the reason he occasionally slips up and may say words that confuse others,[114] such as coin[14] and bunny[115] on Roshar. As Hoid has demonstrated the ability to fluently speak foreign languages before the knowledge of unsealed metalminds became widespread,[19] it is unlikely that he is making use of Feruchemical chromium to maniupulate Connection.

Metallic Arts[edit]

Hoid has also gained access to Allomancy,[116] almost certainly by burning a bead of lerasium stolen from the Well of Ascension.[117] If true, this would grant him power equivalent to that of the ancient Allomancers.[118] It is uncertain how practiced he is with these powers, but he does make use of emotional Allomancy[119] on at least one occasion.[31] He also has access to atium.[120] It is unknown whether or not Hoid has access to Feruchemy.[121] However, he does have access to some unkeyed metalminds,[122] which would not be useful to him without Feruchemical abilities. The particular attributes are stored in these metalminds is unknown. Hoid does not make use of Hemalurgy, to gain access to the Metallic Arts or any other manifestation of Investiture.[79]


Perfect pitch makes this all so much easier than it once was....

—Hoid to Kaladin on making music[115]

As a Yolish man, Hoid was not himself born with any Biochromatic Breath.[123] However at some point Hoid has gained access to enough Biochromatic Breath to bring him to at least the Second Heightening.[115] This means Hoid has approximately two-hundred Breaths, which grant him the ability to recognize other Breath auras and judge about how much breath another Awakener has, as well as perfect pitch.[124] That is not to say that Hoid may not have reached a higher Heightening, just that the second Heightening is his minimum power level.[125] Hoid's level of skill with Awakening is still unknown, as he has only made use of it on one known occasion, Awakening a doll to allow it to walk.[49] This makes it difficult to ascertain his knowledge of Commands or complex Awakenings. Hoid's level of control over Investiture does allow him to suppress his Breath aura, making it difficult to notice by others. However, there are various methods of detecting Investiture that could circumvent this suppression.[126] Hoid's perfect pitch does aid him in tuning instruments and making music.[115]


"It's either go with me now or wait it out and get captured. I honestly don't even know if you've the mind to listen. But if you do, know this: I will give you truths. And I know some juicy ones.

—Hoid to a Cryptic[49]

Hoid has most likely bonded a Cryptic that formerly belonged to Elhokar, which will grant him access to Surgebinding. While the enhanced reflexes and healing permitted by Stormlight will likely be less useful to Hoid, the Nahel bond would allow him to access the surges of Illumination and Transformation. [49] This allows Hoid to Soulcast, transforming one type of matter to another by persuading its Cognitive aspect as well as Lightweaving, which grants him the ability to create visual and auditory illusions. This Rosharan Lightweaving may have a compounding effect with his Yolish Lightweaving, and likely allows him to circumvent the problems that he has experienced with his own Illusions. Although Hoid's Ideals are unknown, it may eventually grant him a Shardblade and Shardplate.

Storytelling Method[edit]

Hoid tells stories with smoke[30] and sand[29], literally.


I only tell stories, Your Grace. They may be truths, they may be fictions. All I know is that the stories themselves exist and that I must tell them.

— Hoid to Siri on the truth of his stories[29]

In Warbreaker, Lightsong calls Hoid to tell the story of Hallandren history to him and Siri. As he told the story, he dropped sands, dusts, and small objects. As he told the story he began by trailing sand out of his hand, then he added a powdery black sand, when both trails mixed it became a white sand. He began to scatter fern leaves and then threw the handful up with blue and deep red dust making it seem like a minor explosion. He sprinkled silver glitter in front of him, then trailed powdery brown dirt. Black dust, and then flower petals. He then sent out a spray of half a dozen colors from both hands. Then bright yellow dust from one hand and black from the other. Torn writing on paper, followed by metal bits, black charcoal dust from both hands, he crumbled clay, sprinkled golden dust around, bits of grass and earth, a white powder and then a spray of water that turned into mist.


While telling stories with smoke he uses a flute, blowing the smoke, it may be Lightweaving that causes patterns and images to appear in smoke.

In The Way of Kings the chasms echoed the music allowing him to speak and play without the music ever seeming to stop. It is unclear how the flute could be used without chasms or canyons.

Known Pseudonyms[edit]

Suspected Pseudonyms[edit]

  • Midius[48] Midius is a name Hoid uses in an unpublished work; it is probable that Ash is referring to Hoid.


Worldsingers & Worldbringers[edit]

The names of the Worldsingers, a group of storytellers on Roshar, and the Conclave of Worldbringers, the leading body of the original Terris religion, are strikingly similar. Brandon has stated that this is not a coincidence.[132] Some believe that Hoid is a common root to both of these organizations, one of which, the Worldbringers, was very Realmatically aware.[133] There may be also a connection between the Worldsingers and the Dawnsingers, due to similarity of names.

Lerasium Bead & Allomancy[edit]

Brandon has confirmed that Hoid does in fact have a lerasium bead.[134][12][135][136][135] His original intent in acquiring the bead was to become an Allomancer, but Brandon's careful wording throws into question whether or not Hoid actually used the bead for that purpose.[137][138][139] The First Letter also mentions an "element" which its author is keeping safe. This could refer to Hoid and his lerasium.


The Way of Kings[edit]

The foolishness of men who care, Dalinar, and the brilliance of those who do not. The second depend on the first—but also exploit the first first—while the first misunderstand the second, hoping that the second are more like the first. And all of their games steal our time. Second by second.

—Hoid to Dalinar[41]

Nonsense. Balderdash. Figgldygrak. Isn't it odd that gibberish words are often the sounds of other words, cut up and dismembered, then stitched into something like them—yet wholly unlike them at the same time?

"I wonder if you could do that to a man. Pull him apart, emotion by emotion, bit by bit, bloody chunk by bloody chunk. Then combine them back together into something else, like a Dysian Aimian. If you do put a man together like that, Dalinar, be sure to name him Gibberish, after me. Or perhaps Gibletish.

— Hoid to Dalinar (after namedropping Adonalsium)[41]

I've abandoned my real name. But when next we meet, I'll think of a clever one for you to call me. Until then, Wit will suffice—or if you must, you may call me Hoid.

— Hoid to Dalinar[41]

I began life as a thought, a concept, words on a page. That was another thing I stole. Myself. Another time, I was named for a rock."

"A pretty one, I hope."
"A beautiful one," the man said. "And one that became completely worthless for my wearing it.

— Hoid to Kaladin[30]

What you saw belongs to you. A story doesn't live until it is imagined in someone's mind."

"What does the story mean, then?"
"It means what you want it to mean. The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon. Too often, we forget that.

— Hoid to Kaladin on stories[30]

People see in stories what they're looking for, my young friend. I have no answers for you. Most days, I feel I never have had any answers. I've come to your land to chase an old acquaintance, but I end up spending most of my time hiding from him instead.

— Hoid to Kaladin[30]

Can you feel it? Something just changed. I believe that's the sound the world makes when it pisses itself

— Hoid to the Kholinar city guards[42]

What is it we value? Innovation. Originality. Novelty. But most importantly...timeliness. I fear you may be too late, my confused, unfortunate, friend.

— Hoid to Taln[42]

Words of Radiance[edit]

You must not trust yourself with me. If I have to watch this world crumble and burn to get what I need, I will do so. With tears, yes, but I would let it happen.

— Hoid (as Wit) to Dalinar[1]


  • The character of Hoid existed before the concept of Adonalsium was developed. He first appeared in a short story Brandon wrote long ago, going by the name Kamp.[140] He was on a planet trying to figure out how the magical system of the area worked.[141]
  • Brandon has stated that Cephandrius is the closest to his real name. Only a few decades off.[citation needed]
  • Brandon has stated that Hoid is his favorite character, but he couldn't say why without giving away spoilers.[142]
  • Brandon may eventually write a parallel novel to the Mistborn series that chronicles what Hoid was up to behind the scenes.[135]
  • Hoid loves bacon.[143]
  • Hoid's parents were married, or at least he is not illegitimate.[11]
  • His favorite type of spren is a Cryptic.[144]
  • He has a good opinion of Khriss, and they have met at least once.[145]
  • Hoid has had a romantic interest in the past.[146] In fact, there were several.[147]
  • He is the happiest when "getting away with something". When asked in what published book that was, Brandon responded with The Bands of Mourning.[65]
  • Prior to the events Words of Radiance, Hoid has not been hugged in "a long time".[148]
“Your master teach you to be this judgmental?”

Sigzil stopped short.

“I’m sorry, Sig,” Kaladin said.

“No, he said the same thing about me. All the time, sir.”[149]


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