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The Wheel of Time is a long-running epic fantasy series by Robert Jordan.[1] Upon Jordan's death, Brandon Sanderson was chosen to complete the series. He was selected by Robert Jordan's widow and editor, Harriet McDougal. After she read Brandon's eulogy for Jordan, she decided to read one of his books.[2]

In 2009, Tor announced that Brandon would be writing three books to finish the series, after finding that it was impossible to write as a single novel.[3][4]

The series consists of the following books:

  1. The Eye of the World
  2. The Great Hunt
  3. The Dragon Reborn
  4. The Shadow Rising
  5. The Fires of Heaven
  6. Lord of Chaos
  7. A Crown of Swords
  8. The Path of Daggers
  9. Winter's Heart
  10. Crossroads of Twilight
  11. Knife of Dreams
  12. The Gathering Storm
  13. Towers of Midnight
  14. A Memory of Light
Year Book Order Length Notes
2009 The Gathering Storm #12 Novel Co-written with Robert Jordan
2010 Towers of Midnight #13 Novel Co-written with Robert Jordan
2013 A Memory of Light #14 Novel Co-written with Robert Jordan
2013 River of Souls #14.5 Excerpt Released in the Unfettered anthology, a sequence of deleted scenes from A Memory of Light, co-written with Robert Jordan [5]

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