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The Aztlanian

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<The Aztlanian
Follows The Rithmatist
Released unreleased

The Aztlanian is the sequel to The Rithmatist.

It will feature Joel and Melody travelling to the Aztek Federation and elaborate on Native American interactions with the wild chalklings. It will touch on the theme of colonialism.[1][citation needed]


Brandon initially tried to start work on The Aztlanian in May 2014. He eventually decided however that since he was using real world cultures, namely various cultures from Meso- and South America, he needed to do significantly more research than he originally planned. This resulted in the entire month being taken up with research instead of writing, at the end of the month however he felt the research he had done was not enough and so shelved the book until he could do more.[2]

As of December 2016 The Aztlanian was Brandon's most requested book. It was potentially going to have been written during 2017, but it did not happen.[3]

In 2019, Brandon said that the earliest he would start writing The Aztlanian is after The Worldspire is finished.[4]


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