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Taldain system

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Taldain system
Starchart taldain color.jpg
Shards Autonomy
Notable Planet(s) Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

The Taldain system is the planetary system that contains Taldain, where White Sand takes place. It is a binary system consisting of one large star and a secondary smaller star. The smaller, a relatively dim white dwarf, is surrounded by a dense cloud of particles known as the Particulate Ring. The larger, a blue-white supergiant, plays an important role in the means by which Taldain is Invested by Autonomy.[1] The positioning of the system was intentionally designed by someone[2], presumably Autonomy.


Taldain is the sole planet inhabiting the Taldain system. It is tidally locked and located at a Lagrange point[3] such that Dayside always faces the larger star while Darkside always faces the smaller, weak star, which is obscured by the Particulate Ring. A single moon, Nizh Da, is in a polar orbit around the planet.[1]


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