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Survival Shard

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Vessel Unknown
Slivers None
Splinters None
Status Unknown
Residence Unknown
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Unknown
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The Survival Shard is one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium. Virtually nothing is known about this Shard, including its intent and where it currently resides.

The one hint to its existence is a cryptic quote that Brandon signed in a book. Responding to the question "Give us the name of a Shard's intent we have not seen before," he wrote, "there is one who just wants to hide and survive."[1] This is likely referring to surviving Odium's onslaught against the other Shards.

Since then, the Shards Ambition, Invention, Mercy, Valor, and Whimsy have all been revealed; Ambition has already been Splintered by Odium, but any of the latter four could plausibly be this Shard. On the other hand, Brandon has implied that this Shard's intent may be similar to "Wisdom" or "Prudence".[2][3]

The Shard's intent is only tangentially related to its desire to hide. The desire comes from its knowledge of events in the Cosmere.[4] This desire not to be caught is "quite intelligent",[5] though it has realized over time that this desire may not be the most important thing.[2][3]


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