Summary:Words of Radiance/Interlude I-5

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Plot summary
Ishanah 1173

As a highstorm approaches the city of Narak, Thude reports to Eshonai that they have a meeting in seven days with the Alethi and that he didn't see either Dalinar or the Surgebinder when he arranged the meeting. Eshonai attunes Resolve and brings her captive spren into the highstorm to transform. Eshonai stands in the storm, with a shield braced against a rock to protect her from the winds, to face the Stormfather head on rather than sheltering in rocks. The wind blows her shield away leaving her exposed, though she is able to hold onto some rocks to keep from being blown away. The eye of the storm reaches her and the Stormfather asks if this is really what she wants. The red spren breaks free from its crystal and shoots out red lightning. Eshonai has a bad premonition and says no and tries to elude the spren, but it hits her in the chest shooting out red tendrils. The Stormfather says that this was inevitable, he cannot protect Eshonai, and he is sorry. Eshonai begins to transform.


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