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Interlude I-3: Rysn
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Interlude I-2: Ym
Precedes Last Legion
Viewpoint Rysn

Plot summary[edit]

Rysn is traveling with Vstim to the Reshi isles to do trading, but Vstim is very sick. Gu, the flotilla's guide, takes them there, guiding them since the islands move. Rysn is quite shocked and amazed when she realizes that the moving islands are huge great shells. The group lands on one of the islands, and Vstim tells Rysn that she must go and trade with the Reshi, as he is too ill to do so. He tells her to be bold, and although Rysn is nervous, she agrees to do so. Kylrm and Nlent, two of the guards, accompany her as she ascends the island. While Rysn is observing the island, she sees Axies hanging upside down. They talk for a bit, and then Rysn and the guards continue their way up the island.

They make it to the King, and as Rysn approaches to speak with her, Talik comes and speaks on behalf of the queen. Talik, the Reshi trader, is disappointed that Vstim himself did not come to trade, and initially turns her away. Rysn is insistent in her trade, wishing to prove herself to Vstim, and the king eventually relents so that Rysn is speaking to the king, and not to Talik. The Reshi are opposed to trading with Rysn since they do not yet respect her and do not know if they can trust her. The king eventually dismisses Rysn, telling her that she did very well.

Rysn, worrying that Vstim is dying, instead insists on talking to the great shell that is the island, Relu-na. She slides down the side of the head on a rope and begins to talk with it, pleading her case. Talik attempts to bring her back on top of the island, but Relu-nu takes a bite of the fruit at the bottom of the rope and breaks it, causing Rysn to fall. As she crashes into the water, Relu-nu cushioned her fall, and Rysn fell unconscious.

Rysn wakes up in a hut on the island with her legs paralyzed. She sees Vstim, a Reshi healer, and Talik around her. They scold her for her stupidity, but Rysn insists that it was boldness, to allow for the trade. Rysn realizes that it was all a test that Vstim had set up for her to trade, and feels foolish. Vstim reveals that the trade was for a larkin corpse, but that Rysn has been granted a live larkin by the island itself. Vstim and Rysn will stay on the island while Rysn's legs heal.



In the Reshi Sea and on top of the greatshell Relu-na.


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