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Chapter 89: The Four
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 88
Precedes Epilogue
Viewpoints Dalinar Kholin, Adolin Kholin


TherehastobeananswerWhatistheanswerStopTheParshendi OneofthemYestheyarethemissingpiecePushfortheAlethitodestroy


—From the Diagram, Floorboard 17: paragraph 2, every second letter starting with the second

Plot Summary[edit]

Dalinar dreams of his youthful home, and a distant source of warmth, then wakes up in Urithiru. He thinks the dream was a vision but there was no highstorm which generally accompanies the visions he has. Adolin walks through the city, exploring, wondering at how the tables have turned in his relationship to Shallan with her newfound importance as a Radiant. Adolin runs into Sadeas scouting the city, and tries to get Sadeas to admit that Dalinar was right, but Sadeas claims it was all a deal worked out with the Parshendi as evidenced by Rlain being a bridgeman. Adolin asks why, and Sadeas says that either him or Dalinar can succeed but not both. Sadeas says that he suffered a temporary setback but will take everything away from Dalinar, and this aggravates Adolin into attacking Sadeas. They grapple, and eventually Adolin stabs Sadeas in the skull, killing him. He throws away Sadeas' shardblade and covers up his tracks and leaves. Dalinar reaches the roof of the central tower. He looks down upon the city, seeing the circular rings that comprise the tower, and pillars that match one in the capital of Alethkar where the palace and temple were built. Dalinar then looks up and questions the actions of the Stormfather that almost led to their destruction. The Stormfather explains his purpose and that he is like a spren to the Almighty. Dalinar recites the first oath of the Knights Radiant and the Oath of Bondsmiths, and the Stormfather reluctantly bonds him, telling him to get rid of his shardblade. The Stormfather says that he sent no vision that morning and for Dalinar to go lead his people to failure as opposing Odium would be futile. Dalinar leaves the tower top and goes to another room near the top where Shallan and Kaladin await. Dalinar takes out a sphere and draws stormlight into himself in response to Kaladin's inquiry, and feels his injuries heal. Dalinar explains that he is a bondsmith and Shallan says there are three knights but is corrected by Renarin, who reveals himself to be a Truthwatcher. Dalinar explains that the Parshmen are all being changed by the Everstorm and that they must prepare. Kaladin says he has to go home to warn his parents. Dalinar and Shallan speak of the tasks facing them to save as many people as possible, respeaking their oaths.




City of Urithiru, the center of the Shattered Plains.

Chapter Header[edit]

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Man in Shardplate

This is the icon used in all of Adolin's chapters

Jezerin wedge

Kaladin is a full Windrunner now, having said all the Immortal Words of the Windrunners and Jezerin is the patron herald of the Order of Windrunners.

Shalash wedge

Shallan is a full Lightweaver now, and Shalash is the patron herald of the Order of Lightweavers.

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