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One is almost certainly a traitor to the others.
—From the Diagram, Book of the 2nd Ceiling Rotation: paragraph 27

Kaladin watches as Szeth reacts in horror to his arrival and Dalinar's safe landing. Kal tells Dalinar to seek shelter as he flew over a storm while traveling. Kaladin says he will deal with Szeth and says yes when Dalinar asks if Kal is what he is looking for. Teft and bridge four thrown down lanterns with infused gems for Kaladin to drain for investiture. Kaladin attacks Szeth, angered and ready to avenge the fallen bridgemen.

Shallan asks to have Renarin quieted while she tries to figure out the pattern to opening the Oathgate and realizes that the lock is a fabrial.

Dalinar asks for a status report on their retreat as he watches Kaladin fight Szeth. He helps Adolin to his feet and confirms that Kaladin is a Radiant, making Adolin smile in triumph. Adolin heads toward where Shallan is, along with some bridgemen. Dalinar finds his horse, then goes toward Shallan's plateau, finding Roion's army heading that way. Dalinar encounters Sebarial, who is in repose with Palona, and who says that he helped organize the retreat, and gives an update on the armies. Aladar reports on his victory and proclaims the Vengeance Pact fulfilled due to the overwhelming number of Parhsendi slain, as the soldiers gather on one plateau. Dalinar explains that victory feels like exhaustion and pain and suffering, and that they need to fit everyone close together on the plateau to be ready to get through the portal.

Kaladin flies through the air chasing Szeth as Syl flies around him, saying that she was only as dead as his oaths. Kaladin asks about the out of season highstorm, and Syl says the Stormfather caused it to try to end it all and wash everyone away and hide from the future. Kaladin flies high enough to break the storm ceiling into sunlight and finds Szeth. Szeth claims that Kaladin stole an honorblade but he denies this. Szeth attacks and Syl changes into a spear so that Kaladin can more easily parry. Szeth observes this but clings to his denial of Kaladin being a Radiant.

Shallan infuses spheres in the chamber with stormlight, not bothering to conceal her abilities. She runs out of stormlight and cries for more gemstones. She sees Adolin leading the soldiers and goes to him briefly. Adolin sees her glowing and says, you too? and she replies yes, sorry, then yells for them to hurry.

Kaladin and Szeth battle, using lashings to maneuver back and forth as the two storms crash into each other below. Szeth says the Knights can't be back but Kal retorts that they are and will kill him. Szeth manages to stab Kaladin but he is able to heal it though it takes a lot of stormlight. Szeth boasts that he will win due to his experience but Kal says that the sky is and was always his. Kal starts fighting instinctually and manages to strike Szeth as Syl changes forms while they fight, though Szeth dodges a killing blow. Kaladin sees the top of the plateau crest through the clouds, spinning slowly. szeth lands on the surface, chased by Kaladin. Szeth again yells that the Voidbringers can't be back, and goes back toward where Dalinar is to finish his job.

Shallan gets the last spheres lit up as time is running out, and the floor begins to glow. Shallan tells Adolin to put his shardblade into the keyhole but nothing happens. She realizes what the problem is, and summons Pattern in blade form, and puts him in the key hole, causing a reaction as she senses something unlock deep inside the plateau. Shallan and Adolin push Pattern along a ridge in the wall to where the picture of Urithiru is, and she then pulls Pattern out. The lamps then fade out.

Kal follows Szeth into the storm as Syl admonishes caution because the Stormfather hates him and this is his domain and that another worse storm brews as well. Kaladin and Szeth both reinvest their stormlight from the storm. Szeth reaches the plateau before Kaladin but it is mysteriously empty.

Adolin cuts a hole in the stone, revealing sunlight. They look outside and find the gathered armies on the plateau, but it has relocated to the mountain range that also houses Urithiru.

Szeth screams at Kaladin as red spren zip around in the tempest. Szeth realizes that the armies went to Urithiru, and flies off toward the west, chased by Kal. Kaladin chases with difficulty and they both reach the stormfront and break through it, and Kaladin stabs Szeth in his foot. Kaladin manages to smash and stab Szeth further as they fight just ahead of the highstorm. As they fight, Szeth finally acknowledges the truth and says that he was right all along and never Truthless, and that he could have stopped murdering at any time. Szeth feints and Kaladin responds by stabbing the Shin through the chest, and grabs the shardblade at Syl's order from Szeth's falling corpse. Kaladin stays hovering surrounded by windspren, and Syl says she may keep Kaladin around. Syl demands compliments and a smile.


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