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—From the Diagram, Book of the 2nd Ceiling Rotation: pattern 15

This has been decoded to create the following message: Hold the secret that broke the Knights Radiant. You may need it to destroy the new orders when they return.[1]

Plot Summary
Ishishach 1173

Shallan and Renarin enter a large circular room covered with majestic images on the wall and floor. She believes that this is where the portal is. There are ten equal divisions in the floor mural and an eleventh narrower one representing Urithiru. Renarin says it is coming. Pattern says the Everstorm has been summoned and that there is another highstorm and that the two will collide nearby, causing a very devastating storm. Shallan tells Renarin to insert his shardblade into a keyhole to try to activate the gate but nothing happens. Shallan tells the bridgemen to get their armies onto this plateau so that they can escape, while the scholars try to figure out how to work the oathgate.

Adolin and Eshonai duel amidst the storm and battle. Eshonai thinks she is winning, but she gets reckless and Adolin is able to knock her into a chasm by slamming into her chest and knocking her backward. Adolin almost falls but is grabbed by Skar and Drehy and other soldiers and pulled back. Adolin returns to the central plateau to get an update and stops someone who looks like a messenger but it turns out to be Szeth.

Kaladin tries to attack with his spear, but Moash breaks it then hits him hard with a shard-aided punch, and Kaladin crumbles in pain with broken ribs. Moash and Graves try to setup the scene to implicate Szeth as Elhokar's assassin. Kaladin hears a distant argument between Sylphrena and the Stormfather. Moash and Graves argue over which one of them will kill Elhokar. Kaladin thinks that he will protect those who cannot protect themselves, his next oath, and explains it to himself why he must do so since that is what is right. Kaladin struggles to stand up and draws his knife and places himself between the assassins and Elhokar. Kaladin stands in defiance and hears Syl claim him and stand down the Stormfather's argument. Graves says that Kaladin must die, and Kaladin drops his knife. Kaladin speaks his second oath as instructed to do by Sylphrena and the Stormfather accepts the words. Syl appears and tells Kaladin to hold his hand out, and she becomes a sharblade in his hand. Kaladin breaths in and drains the stormlight from all the nearby spheres, exploding with light and blinding Moash as he heals himself. Wind blows in through burst shutters and a glyph resembling wings forms in frost on the ground. Kaladin says the Knights Radiant have returned, and Graves yells out that the Diagram spoke of this but that they didn't realize what it referred to until it was too late, saying they were trying to separate Kal from Dalinar but not realizing the implications. Moash and Graves flee. Kaladin puzzles over Graves' words, realizing that Dalinar is in danger, and Syl tells him something is still very wrong.


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