Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 83

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Obviously they are fools The Desolation needs no usher It can and will sit where it wishes and the signs are obvious that the spren anticipate it doing so soon The Ancient of Stones must finally begin to crack It is a wonder that upon his will rested the prosperity and peace of a world for over four millennia.
—From the Diagram, Book of the 2nd Ceiling Rotation: pattern 1

Plot Summary
Ishishach 1173

Shallan and Renarin along with some soldiers and bridgemen enter a deserted circular plateau after skirting along the battle lines. She explains that this must be where the oathgate is because it seems to be the center from which the Shattered Plains was broken. Pattern says the Voidspren are raising a storm, and Renarin says the winds are blowing the wrong way, from west to east, and that is an Everstorm. Shallan tells them to search the area for anything out of the ordinary. They find a large rock mound and Renarin cuts a hole into it at Shallan's request.

Adolin and his soldiers enter a chamber in the rock formation behind the Parshendi lines, after Adolin cut a hole in the rock using his shardblade. Adolin tells his force that he will cut a hole in the wall behind their foes and that they are to attack the singing Parshendi who are on the other side of the wall. Adolin's group is able to ambush the singers who are disoriented briefly when they stop singing to fight back. Adolin is disgusted by the ease with which he kills his foes, instead of feeling the thrill as usual. He dismisses his blade but is then attacked by Eshonai and he then happily resummons his blade.

Dalinar retreats from the battle to get a spear wound treated by physicians. The survivors of Roion's army follow him. Navani shows up and he tells her they are losing the battle, though Navani says that Adolin won his plateau. Roion yells in panic that they are losing, and Dalinar hears the voice that says it should not end this way. Dalinar asks who it is and realizes the voice is the Stormfather, who calls Dalinar child of Honor. The Stormfather says he is both spren and god and that the Parshendi are summoning an opposing deadly storm and that all he can do is bring a storm of cleansing to watch away their bodies. Dalinar is angered and denounces the Stormfather for abandoning them. The Stormfather says he has to go since his daughter is disobeying and that Dalinar will see no more visions, and Dalinar pleads for him to not leave.

Kaladin stands before Elhokar's unconscious body as Moash approaches. Graves yells at Moash who replies that Kaladin is indeed trustworthy. Kal recognizes that they are in the same place as where Szeth attacked. Moash tries to get Kal to stand down, saying the king is probably already dead, but Kal refuses and says that Moash is betraying bridge four, and that Kal is trying to repent by doing the right thing now. Moash and Kaladin argue and Kaladin tries to get Moash to pursue justice against Roshone who was the actual perpetrator, and that Moash's method is dirty. Kal refuses to back down and Moash readies to fight.


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