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There is one you will watch. though all of them have some relevance to precognition, Moelach is one of the most powerful in this regard. His touch seeps into a soul as it breaks apart form the body, creating manifestations powered by the spark of death itself. But no, this is a distraction. Deviation. Kingship. We must discuss the nature of Kingship.—From the Diagram, Book of the 2nd Desk Drawer: paragraph 15

Plot Summary
Ishishach 1173

Kaladin returns to the palace to save Elhokar, and notices there are no guards which alarms him. He reaches Elhokar's rooms and sees two unfamiliar men, who work for Graves. They tell Kaladin that everything is taken care of and to return to his barracks. With effort, Kal ambushes and incapacitates them. He enters the room and finds the king lying down on a couch and not moving.

Adolin battles but the Parshmen try to block his free movement using ropes. Perel reports that both forces are currently evenly matched, and that the singing Parshendi are not joining the battle. Adolin decides to go after the singers and has a battalion gathered to go after them while Perel provides a distraction.

Dalinar addresses the voice he hears, but it says it is not the Almighty, but rather a sliver of Him left after He was killed by Odium. A messenger reports that Teleb has fallen and Roion routed. Dalinar takes the messenger's horse and goes to the battle front to get a firsthand look at the status. He goes to Navani and tells her to execute her plan immediately. A line of archers under a covered pavilion is exposed to the chasm front, with fabrials draining moisture from the air, and the archers join the battle to attack the Parshendi who are surrounding Roion's forces.

Kaladin relaxes as Elhokar is alive but drunk, and the king sulks. Kaladin warns that assassins are coming and they must seek safety. As they leave, one of Grave's men stabs Elhokar in the side, before Kal stabs him with his spear, and the king is bleeding though not badly injured. Kal tells Elhokar to put pressure on his wound, and the king sees that Kal is also bleeding. Kal tells Elhokar not to give up as they flee. Moash and Graves, both in shardplate, appear.


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