Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 79

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Q: For what essential must we strive? A: The essential of preservation, to shelter a seed of humanity through coming storm. Q: What cost must we bear? A: The cost is irrelevant. Mankind must survive. Our burden is that of the species, and all other considerations are but dust by comparison.
—From the Diagram, Catechism of the Back of the Flowered Painting: paragraph 3

Plot Summary
Ishatah 1173

Dalinar and Navani interrogate Rlain in his tent. Dalinar notices how much different he appears from regular parshmen. Rlain salutes Dalinar and sits as instructed. Rlain doesn't know any of the Parshendi plans and says he was a parshman spy for about three years. Rlain says that something is wrong and that Eshonai has changed in a bad way and that all his friends among the listeners have become monsters, and that he has nothing left but Rock disagrees and says he is still in bridge four. Rlain tells that he was able to change to dullform to impersonate a parshman to spy and that no one would complain of having an extra slave. Dalinar asks about the red eyes and Rlain replies that it means their gods have returned, the souls of those ancient who hate the Alethi and want to bring something terrible. Dalinar tells Rlain to lead the army to his people and that he will protect the innocent and try to save them from destruction. Rlain is released into the custody of bridge four.


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