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They will come you cannot stop their oaths look for those who survive when they should not that pattern will be your clue.
—From the Diagram, Coda of the Northwest Bottom Corner: paragraph 3

Plot Summary
Ishakah 1173

Kaladin has insomnia and worries that he killed Sylphrena. He leaves his bed and tells Lopen that he wants to watch the army depart. Lopen asks why he doesn't use stormlight to heal and he says he lost his ability and that Syl is gone, and Lopen tries to give him advice to get Syl to return. Kaladin gasps in awe and tells Lopen that the gathered armies appeared as Kaladin had imagined them to be when he was younger. Kal and Lopen go to see bridge four off on the expedition.

Dalinar expresses surprise to Roion that Sebarial is bringing his army. Dalinar says as much to Sebarial who replies that he thinks there are opportunities for him out on the Plains and he wants to be thought of as arriving before Highprince Aladar joined them, further surprising Dalinar.

Ialai tells Sadeas they could try seizing power in a coup, as they scout Sebarial's farms west of the warcamps. Sadeas says it won't be necessary and that Dalinar won't survive the expedition. A messenger arrives and delivers unpleasant news.

Dalinar questions why Aladar is joining them since he was always a supporter of Sadeas, and he replies that he won't stand by while two of the least brave highprinces march to war to fulfill the Vengeance Pact. Dalinar demands a vow of loyalty from Aladar, and decides that he will trust him out of necessity though he will make sure that he is not in a position to be betrayed again. Amaram questions Dalinar's decision to trust Sebarial and Aladar, and mentions the glory they could have by leaving them out, and Dalinar says that he hopes they are above that. As they ride, Dalinar sees Kaladin and bridge four, and tells Amaram to come with him to speak to them to put the rumors of what Kaladin said about Amaram behind them.

Kaladin feels jealous of Adolin over Shallan, but his admiration for Adolin overcomes that and he thinks they belong together. Kaladin thinks that he should talk to Renarin about his condition and find out if anything else is going on. The bridgemen all berate Kaladin for not recuperating from his injuries. Dalinar and Amaram appear, and Kaladin suppresses his hatred after the punishment that he had to endure after his challenge was turned down. Kaladin asks who is watching Elhokar, and Teft says they left their best man, and Kaladin realizes that would be Moash, and silently curses to himself. Dalinar asks Amaram to confirm his story that he never met Kaladin before and that he didn't get take his shards from Kaladin and Amaram concurs with these statements, saying that Kal's claims are preposterous. Dalinar says an apology is in order, and interrupts Kaladin and looks at Amaram who is shocked. Dalinar explains his sting operation with Bordin and Taln to trick Amaram, then summons a shardblade and holds it to Amaram's throat right before Amaram summons his own. Dalinar demands an explanation for Amaram's lies and deceit, and Amaram says that he did it for the greater good since the Voidbringers are returning. Amaram apologizes to Kaladin, who realizes with shock that Amaram is sincere despite the means that he used to achieve his goals. Dalinar accuses Amaram of murder, but Amaram counters that Dalinar has sent many soldiers to death to win gemhearts. Dalinar tells Amaram to remove his cloak since he is no Radiant, and lets him go for now against Kal's protest, and says that he will face justice at a later time. Kaladin thanks Dalinar for believing him, and Dalinar tells him to get rest. Kaladin says for Dalinar to stay safe, and Dalinar replies that him having a shardblade, though it feels wrong, will help him if Szeth shows up.

Sadeas is upset that Aladar is joining Dalinar, and makes plans to replace the highprinces that he thinks will die on the expedition.


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