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Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 75

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The cosmere itself may depend upon our restraint.

Plot Summary
Ishakev 1173

Amaram implores Dalinar to speak with Sadeas and make peace with him before they begin their expedition. Dalinar looks at Navani but doesn't reply. They hear horns which announce the sighting of a chrysalis and its location, and Dalinar says they won't go after it on the way to the Parshendi camp. Amaram says that Sadeas will go after it on his own, and that his disobedience is causing the rifts in the kingdom to grow worse. Amaram says the voidbringers are coming and they need to be united but Dalinar says that ship has sailed. Amaram tries to dissuade Dalinar from his expedition and says that even Dalinar won't listen to him anymore and why should anyone else, and Dalinar replies that he has to go out to seek the answers. Dalinar asks about Amaram's investigation into the madman, and Amaram says the madman was deluded about having a shardblade. A messenger runs up, saying that Stormblessed has returned from the chasms.

Dalinar runs to the triage area where Kaladin is receiving medical attention, and Kaladin stands to salute him despite being told not to. Dalinar asks how he survived, and Kaladin says that spren were involved, and that he has brought Shallan safely back, and that he also killed a chasmfiend that had been prowling nearby, and produces the green gemheart from it. Shallan contradicts him and says the chasmfiend was already dead before they harvested it, and Kaladin confirms this story, but Dalinar realizes they are both lying. Navani appears and becomes protective of Shallan after her ordeal. Kaladin implores Dalinar to speak with Shallan of her discoveries, and Dalinar says that bridge four held a vigil for him, with the confidence that he would return, and he asks if Kaladin has been the person that he was searching for. Kaladin replies that he once was but no longer is, and Dalinar grunts in response, and orders that any demands of Kaladin's be met as he is a hero, yet again. Dalinar wonders where Amaram went and decides to speak with Shallan.

Shallan rests in bed, accepting of Navani's unexpected affection. Pattern repeats a conversation that he was sent to spy on between Dalinar and Navani, with Dalinar wanting her to go on the expedition but Navani trying to protect Shallan by having her stay behind. Shallan tells Pattern she has to go and asks if she is a Radiant, and he replies most likely not yet since she has more to do first, but he isn't sure since he hasn't always been sentient. Pattern tells of the Recreance, when most spren except the Stormfather and a few others were killed. Pattern thinks that the chance to learn is worth the possible cost of dying again. Pattern says that Shallan spoke the Words, but she lacks truth. Adolin appears and embraces her in a hug and kiss. He says that he was visiting all the highprinces delivering an ultimatum to join Dalinar or be labeled as someone who refused to fulfill the Vengeance Pact. Shallan says she saw a dead chasm fiend that she wants to draw for him. Adolin apologizes for rescuing his father instead of her, and promises to protect her but she says that she doesn't need protecting and that she doesn't want to be locked away again, though she doesn't elaborate on when she was previously locked away. Dalinar and Navani enter, and Dalinar has a request, but Shallan anticipates him and requests to go on the expedition despite the dangers since she thinks the ancient city that Jasnah was searching for is there. Dalinar asks her to expand on their map of the Shattered Plains and she says she will do so. Shallan also requests that they leave the parshmen behind since Jasnah felt they were dangerous, and Dalinar says that he will do so, and that they are leaving within the hour.


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