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Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 69

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Rayse is captive. He cannot leave the system he now inhabits. His destructive potential is, therefore, inhibited.


Plot Summary
Ishakach 1173

Kaladin falls into the chasm and is able to absorb a bit of stormlight through desperate effort though he hears a pained scream from Sylphrena as he does so, and hits the ground, falling unconscious. He awakes in darkness, since all his spheres were drained, and great pain, and hears a voice asking what has he done. Syl's scream haunts him. He is uninjured and gets to his feet, and runs into Shallan, and lies about how he survived, and Shallan explains how the bridge was collapsed. They search the bridge wreckage and find several bodies but don't see Dalinar or Adolin. Kaladin thinks that he somehow saved Shallan. Kaladin says that there was a parshendi attack right before the bridge fell, and that means that Dalinar probably retreated. Kaladin tells Shallan that they may have been rescued by a windspren as in folktales. Kaladin and Shallan discuss how they will survive and what dangers they may face, the worst of which is a highstorm due the following night. They decide to set out immediately for the warcamps.

Shallan is both annoyed and pleased to find Kaladin survived, and thinks that she saved both of them somehow. As they walk, she notices how much plantlife there is in the chasm. Kaladin walks silently and asks if Shallan will constantly chat as they travel and ignores her response, focusing on finding the shortest path back to the warcamps. Shallan tries to get Kaladin to relax but he reveals his prejudice against lighteyes and she says he only uses that as an excuse to be obnoxious. He brings up the incident with the boots, but then reveals that he doesn't have a grudge and that he doesn't actually dislike her as he does other lighteyes. Shallan is insulted and they start an argument that is cut off as they hear a loud scraping noise that seems to be approaching them. They realize the danger they are in, and begin to run.


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