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Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 66

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Is not the destruction we have wrought enough? The worlds you now tread bear the touch and design of Adonalsium. Our interference so far has brought nothing but pain.

Plot Summary
Ishabev 1173

Kaladin mopes in his cell, imagining paranoid fantasies of his incompetence and of bridge four placating him by saying they like to be bodyguards. Kaladin snaps to alertness as a jailer says he is pardoned with no loss of rank and free to go. Kaladin vows that he will never be imprisoned again by anyone as he leaves. He figures he was there for several weeks based on his beard. They pass another cell where Adolin is locked up, and he leaves his cell as well, and the jailer explains that Adolin demanded to be locked up until Kaladin was freed. Adolin says that he did this because it wasn't right for Kaladin to be locked up, since Kaladin saved his life and that of his brother's. The two banter and reconcile, and Adolin holds Elhokar responsible for the failure of their plan. Kaladin confirms that he was telling the truth when he accused Amaram and Adolin believes him despite Dalinar's friendship with Amaram. They enter another room where most of bridge four awaits Kaladin to celebrate his liberation. Adolin calls for quiet and says that after the other shards were distributed, there was a full set remaining which he gives to Kaladin. Kaladin gives them to Moash, and Adolin objects until Kaladin explains his dislike of shardblades, and that he is more than capable on the battlefield even without shards as he showed in the arena, for when Szeth returns, and that they would have an additional shard bearer for that confrontation in Moash. Adolin tells Moash to take the shards and that he will now be a lighteyes and can start his own house or join one of Dalinar's. Moash takes up the shardblade, amassing gloryspren, and has the armorers put the armor on him. Bridge four then returns to their barracks to eat some stew that has been simmering the entire time that Kaladin was locked up. Teft brings Kaladin up to speed on bridge four's activities and emotions while he was away.

Kaladin talks privately with Moash and says he agrees with the plan to remove Elhokar, and Moash is pleased and that they will possibly deal with Amaram next. Moash decides to go to the sparring grounds to practice, and Kaladin returns to the barracks to feast.


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