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Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 60

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Have you given up on the gemstone, now that it is dead? And do you no longer hide behind the name of your old master? I am told that in your current incarnation you've taken a name that references what you presume to be one of your virtues.

Plot Summary

Shallan and Pattern study maps of the Shattered Plains and old Natanatan as well as Amaram's notations while trying to locate Urithiru. Pattern tells Shallan that she must remember what she used to know about him and unlock her repressed memories so that she can gain her abilities. She practices with lightweaving but is unable to create sound using her illusion, though she figures out how to reduce her stormlight glow. She also figures out that she invest Pattern with stormlight so that he can maintain her illusions and even make them move.


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