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Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 55

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The considerable abilities of the Skybreakers for making such amounted to an almost divine skill, for which no specific Surge or spren grants capacity, but however the order came to such an aptitude, the fact of it was real and acknowledged even by their rivals.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 28, page 3

Plot Summary
Ishevev 1173

Kaladin guards Adolin as they get a carriage to bring them to Sebarial's warcamp to meet Shallan. Kaladin recognizes Wit as the carriage driver and is surprised. Wit berates Kaladin for abandoning his flute and mocks his lack of eloquent retorts to Wit's insults. Wit implies that he knows of Kaladin's abilities and asks Kaladin to tell him a story as they ride. When they stop to pick up Shallan, Adolin realizes Wit is the driver and exclaims as such. Shallan also exclaims upon seeing Wit and hugs him, which surprises Adolin. Kaladin joins the two betrothed in the carriage to better watch Shallan, and Adolin and Shallan flirt. They decide to go to see a menagerie. Shallan reads an account of a highprince named Yenev who was killed in a duel by Sadeas by the Right of Challenge and King's Boon because Yenev opposed Gavilar's unification campaign. Shallan says that Adolin can try to invoke this boon to challenge Sadeas, if he wins his upcoming duel spectacularly. Kaladin surmises that this boon could help him deal with Amaram. Kaladin decides that Shallan is not a danger to Adolin and that Adolin is falling for her.

They arrive at the menagerie and discover Wit has already departed. Syl admonishes Kaladin for his sour mood as they walk through the menagerie. Shallan draws sketches of the various animals and chats with Adolin. Syl asks Kaladin if he is almost ready, and he replies yes. Amaram and Dalinar appear at the menagerie. Amaram is wearing a distinctive cloak and Dalinar announces that he is refounding the Knights Radiant and that Amaram is their leader.


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