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Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 49

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These Lightweavers, by no coincidence, included many who pursued the arts; namely: writers, artists, musicians, painters, sculptors. Considering the order's general temperament, the tales of their strange and varied mnemonic abilities may have been embellished.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 21, page 10

Plot Summary
Isheves 1173

Shallan arrives at a open-air winehouse to meet Adolin for lunch. Shallan tries to focus on her purpose of allying with House Kholin but is distracted by romantic considerations. Shallan and Adolin make small talk until Shallan is alarmed when Adolin says that a highstorm is expected soon and she considers how exposed their lunch table is. Adolin explains that there is a new trend to stay outside during the approach of highstorms and wait until the last minute to seek shelter. Shallan asks Adolin to talk about his experiences with plateau runs to show interest in him but ends up derailing the conversation by asking an inappropriate question which ends up impressing Adolin and making him more open. Shallan then asks about the chasmfiends and draws some sketches of crysalises from memory as Adolin answers and points to one of the drawings to indicate what chasmfiends look like. Shallan theorizes that the gemhunts are culling the chasmfiend population and that a study should be made to verify this, and that she would like to be involved in that, and that she wants to go on a gemhunt to gather firsthand information. Adolin tells Shallan about the upcoming summit with the Parshendi and the political situation in the warcamps and Dalinar's visions and plans. In turn, Shallan confides in Adolin about Jasnah's research and about how the parshmen are related to the voidbringers and asks if the parshmen could be removed from the warcamps but Adolin doesn't think that is possible. As the highstorm arrives, the winehouse area is vacated for the shelters, but Shallan stays transfixed as she watches the storm approach, despite Adolin's attempts to get her to go indoors. She has a sudden desire to sketch, but Adolin drags her inside before the doors are closed. Adolin says that he will try to get her permission to go on a gemhunt before they split up into separate rooms divided by gender. Shallan feels satisfied at her progress despite her unorthodox methods and ignores jealous looks from women as she plans how to sneak into Amaram's house.


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