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Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 41

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This act of great villainy went beyond the impudence which had hitherto been ascribed to the orders; as the fighting was particularly intense at this time, many attributed this act to a sense of inherent betrayal; and after they withdrew, about two thousand made assault upon them, destroying much of the membership; but this was only nine of the ten, as one said they would not abandon their arms and flee, but instead entertained great subterfuge at the expense of the other nine.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 38, page 20

Plot Summary
Ishaches 1173

Kaladin gives orders for Teft to train bridge seventeen in the chasms. There are thirty-seven days remaining before the mysterious glyph countdown reaches zero. Syl asks Kaladin what his goal is now that his bridgemen are relatively safe. Kaladin says he wants to beat Szeth but Syl scoffs at Kaladin's explanation that he is trying to protect Dalinar. Kaladin encounters Sigzil who is speculating with Rock and Lopen about Szeth's motivations and true employer as he was trained by his master to ask questions. Kaladin tries to duplicate Szeth's feat of walking on walls but fails. Sigzil wishes he could see Syl and she appears to him. Kaladin asks both Syl and Sigzil about Windrunners so he can be better prepared to battle Szeth but neither is able to give any information. Sigzil, Rock and Lopen discuss the attempt to make Elhokar fall off his balcony but Kaladin ignores them and suddenly has an insight and a vision of another world that allows him to walk on the wall of the chasm.

Kaladin tells Syl that he protects Dalinar so that he can know if Dalinar lives up this reputation as being honorable, and Syl says that honor lives in people and spren like her. Kaladin says that if he trusts Dalinar that he will share the knowledge of his abilities with him. Kaladin says that he will kill Amaram for his betrayal. Kaladin falls from the chasm wall and lands in the chasm with stormlight aided strength. Kaladin explains his theory about the shardbearer slicing the balcony after the highstorm. Kaladin notices gouges from where a chasmfiend passed and is concerned that it will be dangerous to train here.

Kaladin and the others return to their barracks and find a tense dinner gathering. Renarin asks to join bridge four to become a warrior like Dalinar and Adolin and to be glorified in the Tranquiline Halls. Renarin eventually persuades Kaladin to allow him to provisionally join bridge four as a new recruit, and shows a good attitude even when given menial tasks to do. Moash expresses doubt but Kaladin says that Renarin is different from most lighteyes and could fit in with them. Kaladin ponders how to confront Moash over suspicion of him helping to assassinate Elhokar. Moash advises Kaladin to try to get a duel against Amaram to deliver his own justice. Moash and a few bridgemen leave to go drinking and invite Kaladin but he declines and stays to eat dinner.


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