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Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 37

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Now, as each order was thus matched to the nature and temperament of the Herald it named patron, there was none more archetypal of this than the Stonewards, who followed after Talenelat'Elin, Stonesinew, Herald of War: they thought it a point of virtue to exemplify resolve, strength, and dependability. Alas, they took less care for imprudent practice of their stubbornness, even in the face of proven error.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 13, page 1

Plot Summary
Ishaches 1173

During a break two hours after the meeting started, Adolin ponders on the lack of consensus on how to deal with the threat that Szeth poses to the kingdom and how dangerous he is even with the number of shardbearers that are available to protect Elhokar and Dalinar, based on the reports of Szeth's other attacks. Adolin drinks some wine and taunts Relis over his boasts about wanting to duel Szeth to try to bait him into a duel. Adolin then directly challenges Relis but Relis says that Adolin has to rise in the rankings according to protocol before he can fight Adolin. Relis declines despite Adolin offering to wager five shards against one, but Elit accepts a duel for the same proceeds. Relis is upset that Elit accepted the duel and tries to taunt Adolin to a violent comeback and possible voiding of the duel agreement but Adolin restrains himself. Sadeas taunts Adolin more effectively, causing Adolin to come near to punching him before he is restrained by Amaram who counsels him to ignore Sadeas. Adolin tells Amaram to abandon Sadeas for Dalinar but he refuses and says that he is able to keep the kingdom from falling apart further by bridging the gap between Sadeas and Dalinar. Adolin's mind wanders as Amaram speaks about how Sadeas' and Dalinars goals are the same despite the different means they use, and he sees Shallan and is drawn to her immediately. Amaram comments on his flightiness and need to settle down and comments that the girl is probably from Jah Keved, and Adolin realizes who she is and goes over to meet her, as she speaks with Dalinar and Navani about Jasnah being lost at sea.


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