Summary:Words of Radiance/Chapter 33

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But it is not impossible to blend
Their Surges to ours in the end.
It has been promised and it can come.
Or do we understand the sum?
We question not if they can have us then,
But if we dare to have them again.

—From the listener Song of Spren, 10th stanza

Plot summary
Ishanah 1173

As Szeth and Kaladin plunge toward the ground, Szeth starts glowing more brightly and Kaladin uses Szeth's gemstones to draw in some stormlight before he loses his grip on the assassin. Kaladin lands hard but the stormlight quickly heals him, though his right arm is still grey and lifeless although he has some slight sense of feeling in his arm. Szeth is shocked at Kaladin's survival and thinks that he accidentally lashed Kaladin to slow his fall. As Szeth pauses in confusion, Kaladin uses his stormlight to bring his right arm back to life, and Szeth cries out in surprise. Szeth jumps back in shock and asks what Kaladin is and Kaladin replies that he is a windrunner, the same as Szeth. But Szeth denies this, angrily shouting that he was named Truthless, and asks if the Radiants are all back. Kaladin says yes and Szeth flees. Kaladin collapses in exhaustion.

Kaladin wakes up with Syl hovering nearby and expresses surprise at his ability to heal the shardblade wound, which Syl did not expect either. Syl tells him there are dead at the battle scene and goes with Kaladin back inside the palace. Kaladin tracks down the king's entourage. Dalinar is shocked at Kaladin's survival and Kaladin says that he held onto Szeth as they fell and somehow lived due to Szeth's abilities, which the others believe. Kaladin wants to tell Dalinar about his abilities but not Adolin or Elhokar so he says nothing. Kaladin says that Szeth escaped and that he saw a light in the darkness which earns a glance from Syl though it wasn't a complete lie. Elhokar says that Szeth came for him and no one corrects him on his mistake. Kaladin leaves to do something and tells the others to stay there.

Adolin ponders the strangeness of Kaladin apparently healing from a shardblade wound and surviving a great fall but dismisses his suspicions as paranoia. Elhokar goes to get more wine and they find a series of glyphs carved into the wood and Renarin says that in thirty-eight days, it will be the end of all nations.

Kaladin finds Beld's corpse and laments that he failed the bridgeman, but Syl says that he died protecting and that was Beld's choice. Kaladin asks about how skilled the assassin was and if Kaladin has more words to speak, but Syl says that though there are more words, he is not ready yet to speak them. Kaladin asks how the assassin could have found a spren to bond and yet still slaughter without honor and compares that to his killing of Parshendi, and Syl says the two situations are totally different since Kaladin is protecting, and that Szeth's shardblade is somehow different and that he uses the wrong amount of stormlight.

Kaladin finds Hobber still alive, but with both legs disabled, and says he will stay with Bridge Four as a cook, and brings him back to get medical attention.


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