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Chapter 3: Pattern
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 2: Bridge Four
Precedes Chapter 4: Taker of Secrets
Viewpoint Shallan
Word Count 2,849


Soldiers reported being watched from afar by an unnerving number of Parshendi scouts. Then we noticed a new pattern of their penetrating close to the camps in the night and then quickly retreating. I can only surmise that our enemies were even then preparing their stratagem to end this war.

—From the journal of Navani Kholin, Jesesach 1174

Plot Summary[edit]

Tanatabach 1173

Shallan sits in her cabin on the Wind's Pleasure reading a book written by Jasnah about Vorinism and the Recreance and it's effect on the documentation of history such as the existence of Shadesmar. While studying Pattern shows up again, this time on the cabin wall, vanishing when she looks directly at it. Shallan notes the similarity between Pattern and the symbol headed creatures she'd seen previously. She immediately attempts to sketch the pattern, drawing many creationspren, though she found it difficult to capture the precise pattern. When finished, the pattern seemed to leave the paper and move to the floor. Jasnah comes to Shallan's room just as Shallan leaves to find her. Shallan catches a glimpse of what Jasnah explains to her is her own spren, just as she tells Shallan that the pattern is Shallan's spren, a Cryptic. Jasnah explains about the Knights Radiant and the Orders, explaining that their Soulcasting is a shared surge, but that their Orders are not the same, judging by their different spren. A lengthy discussion of the nature of spren and Jasnah's opinions of the Almighty and the Heralds follows.




Aboard the Wind's Pleasure (Tozbek's ship) heading to the Shattered Plains.


Chapter Header[edit]

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Shadesmar Icon

The icon used for Shallan's chapters for The Way of Kings and early chapters of Words of Radiance.

Shalash wedge

Shalash is the patron Herald of the Lightweavers, and Shallan is drawing and experimenting with her Cryptic, Pattern, both signs of being a Lightweaver.

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