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Decayform destroys the souls of dreams.
A form of gods to avoid, it seems.
Seek not its touch, nor beckon its screams, deny it.
Watch where you walk, your toes to tread,
O'er hill or rocky riverbed
Hold dear the fears that fill your head, defy it.

—From the listener Song of Secrets, 27th stanza

Plot summary
Tanatishan 1173

Shallan listens to Gaz' and Red's stories of how they were recruited into the Alethi army and how they ended up deserting due to the lack of progress on the Vengeance Pact because of the greed of the Highprinces and because of their service oaths binding them to virtual slavery. Vathah derides Gaz for being overly solicitous of Shallan, but Shallan defends Gaz and argues that the deserters have redeemed themselves and insults Vathah to the point that he leaves. Shallan asks about Gaz' debt but he refuses to discuss it and leaves.

Shallan studies Jasnah's notes about the Shattered Plains and Urithiru. Shallan complains to Pattern about how the historians weren't as factual and objective as she would like but Pattern says that truth is subjective. Shallan and Pattern discuss spren and voidbringers, which disturbs Pattern, and Pattern describes what spren are, mentioning three shards: Honor, Cultivation and Odium, speaking in a high-pitched tone when mentioning the latter name.

One of Shallan's slaves delivers a summons to visit Tyn, and the two get together to eat dinner. Tyn asks about Shallan's identity and says that she has sent inquiries about Shallan Davar and deduced that her story is so improbable that Shallan is really a con artist and impersonator trying to pull off a scam. Tyn offers to help Shallan with her con and Shallan plays along, implying that she has dangerous secrets about Dalinar.


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