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Stormform is said to cause
A tempest of winds and showers,
Beware its powers, beware its powers.
Though its coming brings the gods their night,
It obliges a bloodred spren.
Beware its end, beware its end.

—From the listener Song of Winds, 4th stanza

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Plot summary
Tanatishes 1173

Kaladin sees a reddish glow through the shutters during a highstorm while in King Elhokar's quarters but it vanishes before he can investigate it. Adolin peruses a catalog while Renarin idly opens and closes a small box. Dalinar and Navani are nearby in a small side-room. Kaladin studies a ruby heating fabrial which Renarin says was developed by Navani. Kaladin makes a brusque comment on Adolin's reading material and they argue over whether Kaladin needs to be there to protect them during a highstorm, with Elhokar taking Kaladin's side. After the storm ends, Dalinar and Navani exit the side-room and Dalinar reports that no mysterious numbers have appeared on the wall. Dalinar talks to Renarin about his visions but stops when he notices Kaladin listening. Dalinar asks Adolin about his progress in setting up more duels and Adolin says that he is only getting refusals now. Dalinar speaks of the situation with Sadeas, and of trying to convince Amaram to secede from Sadeas' princedom, and of Amaram trying to make peace between Kholin and Sadeas. Kaladin states that the shardbearers may be boycotting Adolin's requests to duel and Dalinar agrees and says they have to focus on undermining Sadeas.

Kaladin speaks to Dalinar in private about Amaram's betrayal of Kaladin and about how he actually got his shardblade. Dalinar asks for proof of the serious accusations and Kaladin mentions witnesses present at the scene. Dalinar tells Kaladin to not speak of the incident and pledges to investigate it, and dresses down Kaladin over his insubordination.

Kaladin and Syl discuss the conversation with Dalinar, and Kaladin states that Dalinar will not do anything and he will take matters into his own hands. Syl replies that Kaladin isn't a Skybreaker and that she worries about him.

Kaladin returns to his barracks and notices a new Herdazian crew member there who is a cousin of Lopen's that abandoned Brightlord Roion's army and allows him to stay. Shen confronts Kaladin over his prohibition on being armed, and says he is being treated like a slave, which upsets Kaladin. One of the guards from the palace, Natam, suddenly appears at the barracks, speaking of an assassin going after the king.


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