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Chapter 16: Swordmaster
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 15: A Hand with the Tower
Precedes Chapter 17
Viewpoint Kaladin


Nimbleform has a delicate touch.
Gave the gods this form to many,
Tho' once defied, by the goods they were crushed.

This form craves precision and plenty.

— From the listener Song of Listing, 27th stanza

Plot summary[edit]

Kaladin leads a bodyguard patrol, along with Moash and Drehy, through the lighteyes training ground as they scout the area while waiting for Adolin and Renarin. Kaladin converses with an ardent who explains the Alethi tradition of allowing lighteyes to train with royal shardblades so they are ready if needed in battle.

Moash asks about Kaladin's feelings toward Amaram, and says that the two of them will get their revenge on the lighteyes who have wronged them in the past.

Syl asks Kaladin to tell her what is troubling him, and Kaladin says that Dalinar is tainted by his association with Amaram. After Syl warns Kaladin not to lie, he admits that he thinks Dalinar is honorable and has been deceived by Amaram. Syl advises Kaladin to tell Dalinar how Amaram really got his shardblade, but Kaladin demurs, thinking that he would not be believed.

On the arrival of Renarin and Adolin, Kaladin reports to them that the area is relatively secure. Adolin confronts Kaladin over his insolence and mentions his suspicions as well, but Kaladin retorts that his place is only to protect Adolin.

Syl tells Kaladin she does not like either Adolin or Renarin, and it is implied this is because they carry shardblades, though Syl says the blades did not use to be the abominations she now considers them to be.

Kaladin surveys the area and sees someone who appears to be suspicious and goes to investigate. Kaladin speaks with Zahel, an ex-soldier ardent, who is observing Adolin and Renarin train, and who tells Kaladin that he isn't going to harm either of the brothers. Zahel says the two Kholins need to be chosen by a master, and as he speaks, he is summoned by Adolin to join the other gathered ardents. Kaladin asks if Zahel seems odd to Syl, and she replies that all humans seem odd to her except for Rock, who is a gentleman. Kaladin responds that this is only because Rock thinks that she is a God. Syl says that she is a tiny part of a God.


Mentioned only


The Lighteye's training ground, in the warcamps.


Syl reveals that she is a tiny part of a God. Many spren are splinters of Honor.

Chapter Heading[edit]

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Spears and Flag

Used in Kaladin's chapters

Ishar wedge

Ishar is guiding and pious, and Kaladin is guided by Syl in all of his thoughts during this chapter.

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