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Chapter 14: Ironstance
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 13: The Day's Masterpiece
Precedes Chapter 15: A Hand with the Tower
Viewpoint Adolin


Mateform meek, for love to share,
Given to life, it brings us joy.
To find this form, one must care.
True empathy one must employ.

—From the listener Song of Listing, 5th stanza

Plot summary[edit]

Adolin mentally prepares for his first duel under Dalinar's plan by speaking inspirationally to his shardblade. He leaves the preparation room and walks to a staging room, where Renarin and Navani are waiting, to equip his shardplate. Navani burns a prayer glyph for safety and glory. Adolin inquires about Jasnah, and Navani replies that her daughter has likely gone missing due to a change of plans, and would reappear at a later time. Renarin verifies that Adolin finished his lucky pre-duel rituals: eating chicken, keeping their mother's chain in his pocket, and talking to his sword. Navani scoffs at their superstitions. Adolin tells Renarin that he has suspicions about Kaladin.

Adolin enters the arena to duel Salinor. A large crowd attends as this is the first formal duel at the Shattered Plains for more than a year. Adolin begins in Windstance, a flowing, gentle form, but thinks of his father's words about the other Highprinces. They are children, and must be forced to behave well. He switches to Ironstance and aggressively battles his opponent into submission. When he does not succeed in breaking three pieces of Sharplate, the minimum number required to win, he stomps on his opponent, breaking another peice. He winns despite protests from the highjudge BrightLady Istow that Adolin did not follow proper duel protocols. Salinor protests that Adolin cheated and Adolin threatens to choke him until he surrenders his blade, which Salinor then does, and Istow proclaims Adolin as the official victor. Renarin praises Adolin's victory, and Adolin gifts his new weapon to Renarin, who reluctantly accepts it with a frown. Navani praises Adolin for winning without putting his full ability on display in order to deceive future opponents into underestimating him and accepting duels.


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