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Chapter 12: Hero
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 11: An Illusion of Perception
Precedes Interlude I-1: Narak
Viewpoint Kaladin
Word Count 4,531


Unfortunately, we fixated upon Sadeas's plotting so much that we did not take note of the changed pattern of our enemies, the murderers of my husband, the true danger. I would like to know what wind brought about their sudden inexplicable transformation.

—From the journal of Navani Kholin, Jesesach 1174

Plot Summary[edit]

Sigzil finally gets the possibility to 'measure' Kaladin's abilities. Down in the chasms—while Teft and Drehy are working with twenty others to train them—Kaladin, Sigzil, Rock and Lopen are doing experiments. Lopen guards the location to avoid unbidden guests. They try to measure how long a rock which Kaladin infused with Stormlight and stuck to a chasm wall stays stuck. Rock hints at spren that pull the stone to the wall. Kaladin sees them, too, when looking close, but Sigzil doesn't.

Sigzil takes notes writing them down in glyphs. And he is confused. He says he would need a clock to orderly measure times and that he has no real references to compare. So they start testing other things, things, Kaladin can do in battle with his Stormlight. For example Infusing his spear and making it stuck on the spear of a foe or Infusing the ground causing others that step in to topple. For this experiments Lopen and Rock joined Sigzil as sparring partners. It's shown that Rock indeed knows how to fight though he still refuses to do so aside from this sparring for testing Kaladin's abilities.

Teft comes and sees the last part of the sparring. He asks Kaladin to release him from his task of training new recruits, but Kaladin refuses.

When Kaladin and his men leave the chasm he was told by another darkeyed soldier that a Brightlord just arrived at Dalinar's warcamp. But it's not only "a Brightlord". So Kaladin rushes to Dalinar's command complex to see this Brightlord with his own eyes and the soldier was right, it is Brightlord Amaram.




In the chasms, and the Kholin warcamp.


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