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Creators Forgers
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

A soulstamp is a tool used in Forgery. The most powerful kind of soulstamp is called an Essence Mark.[1]

Soulstamps are used to stamp an object with a seal which changes the object's past in a way described by the design of the stamp.[2] The seal left by the stamp itself is also called a soulstamp.[1] If the new history is similar enough to the original the stamp will take. If not, the stamp will fail after an amount of time relative to the similarity of the histories. A plausible enough stamp will stay nearly permanently.[2]

The seals left by soulstamps were slightly indented, and had a noticeable texture to them, regardless of the material they were stamped into.[2] When a stamp fails, the embossed texture disappears, and the ink becomes as if fresh.[3]


Known materials that can be carved into a stamp are wood, crystal, Soulstone, and bone. It is implied that any material could be used as a soulstamp, as long as it could be carved to have the proper seal on it.[2] The material used in the creation of a soulstamp affected the quality of the stamp, with harder, finer materials being more prized, and soulstone most of all. The ink used to stamp the seal also had an effect - only fresh, organic inks would function, though they could be mixed with other compounds such as wax, and clear, bright colours were the best. Animal inks were superior to plant-based inks, squid ink being well regarded.[2]


The likelihood of a soulstamp taking is dependent in part on the plausibility of a stamp. This includes both how the object views itself (the object's history) and how others view it. This is congruent with what we know of the cognitive realm, and suggests Forgery is similar to Soulcasting.[4][5]

Soulstamps have a glyph of MaiPon on the back of a stamp, and get weaker the further you travel from MaiPon in a method similar to the AonDor.[3][6] Also like the AonDor, it isn't possible to change the glyph on the back of the stamp to correspond to a new location, it is necessary to be born in the area or have a bloodline connection to the area.[7]

Soulstamps have a fairly low amount of Investiture, and would have significant trouble soulstamping an invested object.[8][9]


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