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Related to Teod and Arelon
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Shu-Korath was a sect of Shu-Keseg practiced mainly by the Aonic people in the nations of Teod and Arelon on Sel.[1] The Korathi worshiped a God known as Domi, a loving protector of all mankind. The religion was centered in Teod. It was lead by a man named the Patriarch, a title that was held by Seinalan.


Shu-Korath began in the form of Shu-Keseg, a religion taught by a JinDo man named Keseg. Keseg preached unity of all mankind. His two disciples, Korath and Dereth, collected his teachings in a book called the Do-Kando. After Keseg died, Korath and Dereth disagreed about how to achieve this unity. Korath thought that mankind should be united through love, Dereth believed mankind should be dominated and forced into unity, under one government. This disagreement caused a schism in Shu-Keseg, splitting it into two sects, Shu-Korath and Shu-Dereth.

Korath went to the nation of Arelon which was under the control of the Elantrians. Most of the people in Arelon worshiped the Elantrians, but they allowed him to preach there. The two religions were on good terms with each other, the Elantrians even had a Korathi temple built in Elantris as a sign of goodwill. Korath began to absorb elements of Elantrian culture as well. The name of the god the Korathi worshiped changed from the JinDo Dashu, to Domi which is based of the Aon Omi meaning love. Korath also used the same Aon to represent his church, shocking those dissenters who considered it to be a pagan symbol. It was an attempt to show that all people were welcome in his religion, and deserved to be a part of the blanket of love that Korath hoped would eventually cover the world.

Despite Korath's tolerance and respect of Elantrians and those who worshiped them, his follower ShanVen chose not to remain in Arelon. After Korath's death, ShanVen moved the center of Korathi power to Teod, where Shu-Korath was already the state religion and the people there were less influenced by Elantrians.


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