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Shaod is a term describing the process of being converted into an Elantrian. The word is based on the Aon Shao which means transformation or change.


The Shaod, or the Transformation, generally happens at night.[1] The people it chooses are seemingly random (though not completely)[2] and may be from any age or class in society.[3] The Shaod only takes people from Arelon or Teod, and occasionally Duladel.[4] It is suspected that this is due to AonDor's close Connection with Arelon and its geography in general.[5] A person needs to have some genetic ties to Arelon and be in Arelon to be taken by the Shaod.[6] Immediate proximity to Elantris or Elantrians does not increase one's chances of being taken by the Shaod.[7] A non-human could become an Elantrian.[8]

There is an upper limit to the number of Elantrians there can be at a given time.[9] There are ways to reverse the Shaod.[10]

Physical Effects[edit]

Those affected by the Shaod are transformed into Elantrians: they have brilliant white hair, silver skin, and seem almost to shine.[3] Their bodies are able to heal quickly and they have superior strength, speed, and mental abilities, as well as access to the AonDor. For further details, see Elantrian. If the Shaod strikes a pregnant woman, the unborn child becomes an Elantrian.[11]

Incomplete Shaod[edit]

During the time that the Shaod was unable to complete itself, the Shaod caused those affected by it to have grey skin with "sickly black patches" and caused their hair to fall out[12]. Their bodies became unable to heal and so continuously accumulated injuries. It is possible to mimic the physical effects of the failed Shaod (Hrathen does so through the use of a crafted poison), but the only known way to become an Elantrian is to be taken by the Shaod.


During the events of Elantris, the Shaod could not complete itself because the geographical region around Elantris had changed from the configuration depicted in the Aon Rao formed by Elantris and its surrounding cities, altered by the appearance of a chasm after the Reod. The incomplete transformation rendered their bodies unable to heal. In the years following, it was therefore considered a curse to be chosen by the Shaod. Those stricken with the Shaod were treated as dead (complete with burial wrappings and a funeral offering of food[12]) and exiled to Elantris, where they would accumulate eternally hurting injuries until they succumbed to the pain. When Raoden added a line representing the new chasm to Aon Rao, the Dor was able to complete the transformation of those stricken by the Shaod, transforming them into full Elantrians. [13]


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