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Elendel Basin.png
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The Roughs are the frontier regions outside the Elendel Basin separated from the fertile basin by mountain ranges.

The ideal conditions in the basin meant that there was little pressure to expand following the founding of Elendel.[1] As a result of this, the Roughs were sparsely populated and less advanced than the urban centers even generations later.

Giraffes inhabit the northern roughs, and acacia trees grow there.[2]

Wax's career[edit]

Waxillium goes up to the Roughs as a bounty hunter. He kills Granite Joe and Perrin the Black, two of the most notorious criminals in the Roughs. He meets and works with Lessie, Wayne, and Miles in the Roughs. He later realizes that Harmony sent him to the Roughs to toughen him for what he would have to later accomplish.

Notable Residents[edit]


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