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Spouse Eoldess[1]
Died [2]
Bonded With Opa
Titles Duke of Ial Plantation
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Duke Roial of Ial Plantation was an old Arelene merchant and nobleman.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Roial is an incredibly homely man, spindly and diminutive of frame, with locks of powder-white hair.[3] At 25, Sarene is of age where Roial is old enough to be her father, perhaps even her grandfather.[4]

Upon first meeting him, Sarene notes that he "was boisterous instead of reserved, almost more mischievous than distinguished" and that he dominates conversations despite his homely looks and slight frame.[3] She later learns that despite his riches, Roial is a very frugal man - except when it comes to his luxurious gardens, which he loves dearly and spends much time wandering in.[5]


His late wife Eoldess died ten years before the Reod.[1]

Prior to the Reod, he was the governor of Iald, a port city. After the fall, he was the only Elantris-appointed official to remain in power.[3] He supported King Iadon's rise to power and helped stabilize the new monarchy. As an old politician, he was involved in many schemes--one being supporting Prince Raoden privately against his father--but was ultimately concerned with the well-being of Arelon, and felt guilty for helping Iadon in creating the "monstrosity" which was killing Arelon.[3]

When Princess Sarene arrived in Arelon, Roial was one of the richest men in Arelon, as his holdings included Iald, which was the second most wealthy city in the country. The only way Iadon stayed king was by including national tax revenue as his income.[3] However, as Duke Telrii started taking money from Hrathen and the Fjordell Empire, Roial eventually became the third richest man in Arelon.

After King Iadon committed suicide, Roial and Sarene tried to prevent Telrii (and, by association, Fjorden) from becoming king, and Sarene suggested that they marry. As Sarene inherited Raoden's fortune, they would have sufficient funds to defeat Telrii, and because Sarene had a connection to the throne, Roial's kingship would have some legitimacy. Roial was kind and respected Sarene greatly, assuring her that their marriage would be only political, and she would not have to perform in the bedroom. Roial's intent was that he would die in a few years and Sarene could have a new, younger husband. None of this planning ever came to pass, for at Roial and Sarene's wedding ceremony, Hrathen had poisoned Sarene, making her appear to be taken by the Shaod. As such, Sarene was thrown into Elantris and Telrii became king.

Roial attempted to take the throne back from Telrii somehow, but Count Ahan--a longstanding friend, rival, and fellow conspirator against Iadon--betrayed Roial to Telrii, who then ordered a soldier to kill him. This led to Raoden proclaiming his return.[2] He is buried alongside Eondel, Karata and Saolin in one of the graves dedicated to those who had fought for Arelon [6]


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