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The effects here are more subtle than they are when mixing Surges on Roshar, but I am convinced that each unique combination also creates something distinctive. Not just two powers, you could say, but two powers … and an effect. This demands further study.


Resonances are additional powers or effects gained by people with access to more than one Invested Art or Surge.[2]


Resonances arise from the nature of how Shards combine.[3] They are not simply a combination of the two base powers, but rather a separate, more distinctive, effect.[1] The combination of powers can also cause slight variances in how the base powers are manifested, which is why Knights Radiant of different orders may manifest their shared Surges slightly differently.[4] The longer a person uses their two powers, the more likely they are to acquire a resonance.[5]

An individual with many powers, such as a Mistborn or Full Feruchemist, may lose this added effect.[6] With so many powers, the individual powers effectively wash out any resonance. It is still possible for such people to have a resonance, but it would be much less pronounced.[7] Temporarily gaining additional powers, such as from the Bands of Mourning, would not deprive someone of a resonance they previously had. Someone with one power who began using the Bands of Mourning might develop a resonance between their original power and the Bands.[5] It is possible for a Surgebinder with multiple Honorblades/Nahel Bonds to develop a resonance or resonances between the four Surges.[8]

Known Resonances[edit]


All orders of Knights Radiant have access to two Surges,[9] and therefore each order has a resonance of their own.[10][11] If a Radiant were to gain access to other Surges, either through an Honorblade or bonding to a different spren, resonances can form from Surges that wouldn't normally interact.[8] Known Surgebinding resonances include:

  • Windrunners' resonance is an increased number of squires, more than any other order.[12]
  • Lightweavers' resonance is increased mnemonic ability.[13][14] For Shallan Davar, this manifests as the ability to take a "Memory" of a scene, which she can recall at a later time with perfect accuracy; when she put it to paper as a painting or a sketch the Memory is completely removed from her mind.[15][16] This is similar to the way an Archivist stores memories in their copperminds. There is a limit to how many Memories she can store at the same time.[17] Memories are tied to Spiritual Connection.[18] Lightweavers can experience light and color differently and may be able to minutely alter the mood of others.[19] It is also implied that they may able to create a solid illusion by combining their Illumination surge and their Soulcasting.[20][21]

Metallic Arts[edit]

Twinborn, individuals who are both Ferrings and Mistings, also have resonances.[1] Hemalurgy will usually not create resonances, but it is possible for it to happen.[22] Examples of resonances in the Metallic Arts include:

  • Waxillium Ladrian's ability to create a "steel bubble" to deflect metal moving around him[23] was originally intended to be the result of him being a savant in the resonance between his Allomantic steel and Feruchemical iron. Brandon later backed up on that, as he realized Wax was not manifesting the usual consequences of savantism.[24][3] It is unclear if other Twinborn with the same powers would be able to manifest a similar steel bubble.

Potential Resonances[edit]

This page or section deals with theories or speculation.
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  • Skybreakers' resonance is unknown, though it does not involve telling guilty and innocent people apart.[25]
  • Edgedancers' resonance may be the ability to communicate especially well.[4] This belief is derived from and Scholars considered the pre-Recreance Edgedancers "the most articulate and refined" of the Radiants,[26][27] and Lift is surprisingly skilled with speaking to those she does not formally share a language with, notably a quite opaque street slang in Yeddaw.
  • Elsecallers' resonance may be an internal GPS, due to Jasnah being able to pinpoint the closest settlement after returning from Shadesmar without any equipment.[28][13] Elsecaller's ability to Soulcast at a distance is not a resonance, as it is something that Lightweavers could learn as well.[29]



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