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Nightblood (book)

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Follows Warbreaker
Setting Nalthis, Cosmere
Publisher Tor books

Nightblood is the working title for the sequel to Warbreaker. It is currently on hold, and probably the cosmere book most in jeopardy of not being written.[1] It definitely will not be written until Stormlight Archive 5 and Mistborn Era 2 are done, and may have to wait for the Elantris trilogy, Mistborn Era 3, and possibly Stormlight Archive 6 to be written, as those projects are consuming much of Brandon's time.[2]

At one point, Brandon was planning on publicly releasing drafts as he wrote, as he did with Warbreaker, though it is unclear if that is still the case.[3]

It will not feature all the characters from Warbreaker; the original plan was to center the story on Vasher, Vivenna, Nightblood and further develop their characters.[4][5] Characters like Susebron and Siri may get some updates, but would not be the focus of the book.[4] Brandon also plans to introduce new characters; a recent outline also includes a married couple that, for political reasons, acts like they hate each other.[4][6]

The book would focus heavily on story of the Five Scholars,[1][7] including how Vasher became cosmere aware and travelled to Roshar,[8] as well as his history with Denth.[9][10] Vasher and Vivenna would be attempting to stop Yesteel,[11][12] who recently learned how to create Awakened Shardblades and attempted to start a second Manywar.[13] Jewels and Clod might join him, while Tonk Fah could feature, but would likely go in his own direction.[14]

There are several questions about Nalthis and its magic that Brandon has mentioned addressing in the book, including the origin of the Idrian royal family,[5] how other regions of Nalthis interact with Returned,[15] and how Vasher suppressed his divine Breath.[16]

Chronologically, it should be the cosmere book that immediately precedes The Way of Kings[17] and should help explain how Nightblood got to Roshar,[18] though Vasher's arrival on Roshar will occur between this book and The Way of Kings.[19]


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