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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

JinDo is a nation on Sel. It is located on the continent of Opelon, and is part of the Fjordell Empire. It is bordered by Duladel to the north and Jaador to the east.

The JinDo people have dark brown skin and fine features.[1] Jaadorians are ethnically JinDo,[1] while Dula peoples are both of JinDo and Aonic heritage.[2] The people of MaiPon, part of the Rose Empire, are distantly related to the JinDo.


As followers of Shu-Keseg, the JinDo people follow the principle of unity through acceptance, preferring peace and openness above all. When the Fjordell Empire began to expand, the JinDo people decided to submit to Fjordell rule and outwardly convert to Shu-Dereth in order to avoid fighting.[3]

The work of prestigious JinDo philosophers, mathematicians[4], and artists[5] are well-known in other lands. Shu-Dereth, the official religion of the Fjordell Empire, has its origins in JinDo, as does the Shu-Korath religion prevalent in Teod and Arelon. Like the Svordish, the JinDo language has managed to survive Fjordell hegemony, perhaps due to the influence of JinDo culture throughout the empire.

There is a meditative martial art originating from JinDo called ChayShan, which can be used to help people focus their minds. This martial art is also the manifestation of Investiture in the region. JinDo practitioners of ChayShan can use certain body movements to magically enhance themselves, though this effect appears to be temporary.[6]

The JinDo people are also known for their use of eating utensils called MaiPon sticks, as well as their strict views on health. Obesity is frowned upon, although some JinDo foods are greasy, like HaiKo. Spicy dishes are common in JinDo cuisine, and the nation is a major exporter of spices like RaiDel peppers.[7]

Notable JinDo People[edit]


  • In the first published edition of Elantris, as well as in The Emperor's Soul, the term "Jindoeese" was used to describe things originating from the nation of Jindo. This was changed in the tenth anniversary edition of Elantris such that "JinDo" is now used as the nation's name, demonym, and adjectival form.


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