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Residence Fu Abra
Ethnicity Selay
Nationality Purelaker
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Ishikk is a fisherman living in the Purelake.

He spends his time looking for exotic fish.[1] Ishikk claims some of the fish provide special benefits when eaten. He does not wish to be tied down by a wife and frequently gives kolgril and other fish to Maib, the owner of a pub he frequents, to ensure she won't have the leverage to bully him into a marriage.

Ishikk spends most of the time on his own, boating around the Purelake and fishing. Ishikk, like most Purelakers, dislikes being totally out of the water and enjoys sitting with his feet in the water while he eats.

Interactions with the Worldhoppers[edit]

Ishikk was seen in the first set of interludes in The Way of Kings when he approached three men who employed him to look for a man. Ishikk described them as Grump[2], Blunt[3], and Thinker[4]. They are using him as an agent to search for Hoid.[1] Hoid is later seen as Elhokar Kholin's 'Wit'.


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