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Related to Realmatic Theory
Type Spiritual property
Universe Cosmere
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This page contains information about the Spiritual concept of Intention. For information regarding Shardic intent, the primary motivation or ideal of a Shard of Adonalsium, see Shard.

I will go if you release me, but only if you do it by Intent.

Intention is a Spiritual concept in the cosmere referring to a being's express will or purpose. Intention plays a vitally important role in the workings of most manifestations of Investiture in the cosmere.[2][3]


The precise nature of Intention, and how it functions and is used, is currently unclear. When Intent is exercised, one's mind reaches out into and interacts with the Spiritual Realm, allowing for one's intentions to have influence in the Spiritual Realm.[4] This influence can range from the power involved in chaining a Shard to a simple Aon's effectiveness.

Intention plays an important, esoteric role in the underlying framework of the cosmere's magic. Within the context of specific magic systems it is often involved in specific ways, though the extent and importance of these functions varies.


In general, while use of magic can often be learned without guidance, and even be performed subconsciously, many applications can be learned significantly faster and with greater ease when the magic user receives instruction and is able to perform the magic intentionally within the bounds of its nature.[3]

Intention is involved to some degree in the following contexts:

Selish Magic
Intent plays a particularly notable role on Sel, where the copious manifestations of Investiture are accessed in ways that are distinctly tied to human culture.[5] The precise shapes and movements associated with these magic systems must be composed with the intention of accessing the Dor for a specific purpose.[4] For example, experiments performed by Khriss suggest that an Elantrian must know the required shape of an Aon and draw it willingly in order for the magic to manifest.[2] For the creation of soulstamps, a Forger must not only have proper Intent themselves, but also understand the intent behind the thing being stamped.[6]
BioChromatic Breath
While the exact wording of a Command in Awakening is important, one must also exercise Intent through careful visualization of what the Awakener intends to happen.[7][3] Without explicitly willing the expressed ideas to take place, merely pronouncing the words of the Command will not allow for a successful Awakening.[8] Notably, the Command used for Breath transfer, "My life to yours, my Breath become yours," cannot be forced; in order for one person to give their Breath to another they must willingly speak the Command phrase.[9]
Allomancy and Feruchemy
With Allomancy and Feruchemy, the role of Intent is less significant than in many other systems. The specific application of Investiture is shaped by the metal used rather than by the user's will. However, Intention does allow for faster learning and greater skill with the magic.[3] More complex uses, such as Compounding or tapping specific Investiture from a metalmind, also require some measure of intentionality.[3][10]
While Hemalurgy can be performed anywhere in the cosmere and by anyone, Intent is required to some degree during the placement of the Hemalurgic spike.[11] It is unclear whether this means the person must only know generally what they are doing, or if they must have specific knowledge as to what the spike will do, where it must be placed, or why.
On Roshar
The remnants of Honor's power could be used to release and expel Odium from Roshar, if the wielder of the power did so with Intent.[1] Prior to the Recreance some believed that the Sibling had withdrawn from humans by intent, though there is some evidence that this was not the case.[12] In order to access the powers granted by an Honorblade, one must do so intentionally. It is possible to hold an Honorblade and not have access to its powers if they are unknown.[13]


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