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World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

The Hoed are a group of post-Reod Elantrians that have accumulated so many injuries that they become effectively comatose from the pain.[1]


After the Reod, the Elantrian people stopped healing, so any injuries, however minor, remained indefinitely as painful as the moment they were received. Since the Elantrians were still immortal, some sank beneath the weight of their pain, losing their minds. Many have a phrase or words that they repeat over and over.[1]

Old Elantris[edit]

Before Raoden helped create New Elantris, the Hoed made up the majority of the immediately visible Elantrians. They, like the rest of Elantris, were dirty and uncaring. For the most part, they were ignored.

New Elantris[edit]

Raoden collected the Hoed together in a building in New Elantris, which they called the Hall of the Fallen,[2] where they were cared for.[3] Raoden hoped some of the Hoed might surface with care. While this never came to pass, the Hoed in the Hall of the Fallen were noticeably calmer than Hoed on the streets.


If a Hoed is placed in the Lake, their body will appear to dissolve.[2][4] As the Lake is a Perpendicularity, it likely transfers those placed in it to the Cognitive Realm. As the Selish Cognitive Realm is incredibly dangerous,[5][6] these people are likely then destroyed by the Dor, though at least one pre-Reod Elantrian, Riino, survived.[7][8]


When the large Aon Rao of Elantris city was completed with the chasm line, the Elantrians were restored to their former glory. Because Raoden and Dashe, who were Hoed, regained their minds, it is assumed that the rest of the Hoed did as well.


The word "Hoed" is based off the Aon "Oed".[9]


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