Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response Engine

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Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response Engine
Setting Standalone
Collaborators Ethan Skarstedt
Released March 27, 2012
Publisher Baen Books
ISBN 978-1451638172

Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response Engine is a non-cosmere military science fiction story co-written by Brandon Sanderson and Ethan Skarstedt for the Armored anthology, edited by John Joseph Adams. It is set in the far future when humankind has expanded out in the stars, met alien races, and developed technology like mechanized infantry units, artificial intelligence, and smart velcro. It tells the story of Karith Marvudi, Nicolette Shepard, and the AI HARRE responding to a Self-Replicating Machine Infestation on a planet occupied by their allies.


Karith Marvudi*
Co-pilot of a mechanized infantry unit with HARRE and part of a dropship team with his long-term partner Nicolette Shepard. He is one of very few troops who made it to the surface of Milacria to fight the Self-Replicating Machine Infestation. He and HARRE continue to use their mech to fight for the allied Panesthians in defiance of orders and military doctrine telling them to disengage and regroup. His spouse is Maragette and child is Karri.
Nicolette Shepard
Airship pilot who provides air support for Karith Marvudi and HARRE. Along with Karith and HARRE, she fought the Self-Replicating Machine Infestation on Milacria.
An AI who co-pilots a mech with Karith Marvudi. HARRE tends to be by-the-books, looking to established military doctrine for guidance. He often has to be reminded by Karith and Nicolette to do otherwise. Pronounced like "Harry," HARRE is an acronym for Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response Engine.


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