Fadrex City

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Fadrex City
Fadrex City.jpg
Dominance Western Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Fadrex City is a major trade hub in the Western Dominance of the Final Empire, several month's journey from Urteau.[1] It is located near Chardees.[2]

The city's natural rock formations make it much more defensible than the larger western city Tremredare. It contains one of the Lord Ruler's storage caches.[2]

After the Collapse, Ashweather Cett makes the city his capital. He takes all of the known allomancers with him when he marches against Luthadel, taking mostly from houses Gardre and Conrad.[1] During the Siege of Luthadel the Obligator Aradan Yomen rises to power. He reimposes the social structures of the Final Empire, throwing balls for the nobility.

The city is besieged by Elend Venture for the cache. The siege ultimately results in an alliance between Venture and Yomen.[3]

Notable Residents and Families[edit]

  • Lord Aradan Yomen, obligator and self-appointed governor of Fadrex City.
  • House Cett, a noble family which took Fadrex City after the Collapse, only to lose it to Aradan Yomen.
  • House Orielle, a ball that Vin and Elend Venture attended was hosted in Keep Orielle.
  • House Patresen, a relative house to House Elariel.


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