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Elantris sequel

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Elantris trilogy
Follows Elantris
Precedes Elantris finale
Setting Cosmere
Released Unknown
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The Elantris sequel is a forthcoming book set on Sel by Brandon Sanderson.

Plot Summary[edit]

Set 10 years after the events of Elantris. This book will follow several of the minor characters from the first novel.

Speaking of sequels, here’s what I'm planning. A book that takes place ten years after the events of Elantris. It would occur in the capitol city of Fjorden, and would star Kiin's children as viewpoint characters along with a seon viewpoint character. The plot of the book: Wyrn has declared that Jaddeth, the Derethi God, is going to finally return. (A new interpretation of the scriptures says that he'll return when everyone east of the mountains converts, so they don’t have to worry about Teod and Arelon) Kiin's family, ambassadors to the Fjordell state, has to deal with the chaos of this announcement, and investigate the truth behind the Dakhor magic.

Brandon on the sequel[1]

Behind the Scenes[edit]

This sequel will probably have Hrathen's (now Adien's) seon as a viewpoint character.[2]

Brandon has stated that this book, as well as the finale, needs to be written before the third Mistborn trilogy. At the latest they will be written following the fifth installment of The Stormlight Archive.[3]


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