Earth (Snapshot)

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Earth (Snapshot)
Featured In Snapshot

The setting of the novella Snapshot is an alternate Earth in 2018.[1] The story focuses on a single day spent inside a Snapshot, a perfect recreation of another, earlier day, where Anthony Davis and Chaz attempt to track a serial killer.[2] Besides having the snapshot device, the Earth in Snapshot differs from real Earth in a few ways. Self-driving cars appear to be popular; about half of all cars in New Clipperton are self-driving and some places, including Mexico City, have already outlawed manually-driven cars.[3][4] New Clipperton and Mexico City are both Independent City-States. The Restored American Union is the original builder of the Snapshot program but decided to leave it when they pulled out of New Clipperton.[1] Otherwise, it appears to resemble real-world Earth in 2018.


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