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Dragon (cosmere)

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Dragon (cosmere)
Hoid and the dragon.jpg
Type Animal
Abilities Agelessness, shapeshifting
Sapient Yes
World Yolen
Featured In None
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First, he would find a way to have colorful scales like the dragon. Second, he would learn to speak the language of men like the dragon. Third, he would learn to fly like the dragon.

Hoid, The Dog and the Dragon[1]

Dragons are a sapient species within the cosmere. Originally, they came from Yolen, but can now be found, though apparently in small numbers, on other worlds.[2][3] They are one of Yolen's three native species, alongside humans and Sho Del.[4]


Dragons are intelligent and inherently ageless.[5][6] They have the ability to shapeshift, taking on the form of different species, including humans; how much a dragon can shapeshift depends on an unknown factor.[7] When the dragon is transformed, there is no apparent sign that it's not the species it's presenting as.[8] Their shapeshifting method is different to that of the kandra, even if the result is similar.[9]

In their reptillian form, they are not necessarily large; at least some are smaller than sandlings, though others can be as large as a chasmfiend.[5][1] They have four legs, as well as a pair of massive wings, which allow them to fly. Their skin is covered with pearlescent scales, as well as silvery streaks that run along their body. Despite their nonhuman form, they are still able to speak with humanoid voice.[1]

Presence in the Cosmere[edit]

Two dragons are known to exist, both of them still alive since the Shattering of Adonalsium. One is Frost, living on Yolen.[10] He has some relationship with the Seventeenth Shard, and actively corresponds with Hoid while the latter is on Roshar.[11][12] Though not a worldhopper, he has significant knowledge of the cosmere.[10]

The other is Koravellium Avast, the original Vessel of Cultivation, though she prefers to hide her true form, even when speaking to other Shards.[13][14] She is the only dragon on Roshar.[1]

It's possible that other dragons are also around, but they have not revealed themselves.[8] How much other inhabitants of the cosmere know about them is unclear. On Nalthis, dragons are part of the local mythology, with the phrase "dragon's nest" referring to a highly dangerous place.[15][16] On Roshar, dragons are effectively unknown to its modern-day inhabitants.[1] It's possible that they were known in the distant past, as there exists old artwork depicting dragon-esque creatures.[17]


  • Though still present in the cosmere in background roles, dragons will not become major players until Dragonsteel.[18]
  • Brandon likes dragons a lot;[19] they are also the only classical fantasy race to feature in the cosmere.[20]
  • Adonalsium wasn't a dragon.[21]


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