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Related to Devotion, Dominion[1][2]
Focus Bone forms[3]
Prerequisites Sacrifice
Type End-Positive[4]
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

The Dakhor is a manifestation of Investiture on Sel, independent from AonDor.[5][6] Its official name is unknown, but the users of this system are the monks of Dakhor Monastery in Fjorden, including Dilaf.

The Dakhor monks themselves are a newer development than Elantrians.[7] In fact, Wulfden the Fourth was preparing to use them against Elantris before the city fell on its own.

Its exact mechanics are so far unclear, but will be explored more fully in the Elantris sequel.[8]


In order to access the Dor through the Dakhor magic system, a few things have to occur. It appears that the practitioners of Dakhor have to be Fjordell. Chanting is also used and the chants are likely used to determine how the person is changed, and what type of bone growths form.[9][10]

Bone growth[edit]

The bones of the person accessing Dakhor begin to grow and twist.[10] Since the Investiture of Sel is form-based,[11] the shape of the bone twists determines what powers a user of Dakhor can access.[10] The shapes that they twist into are ancient Fjordell characters.[12] Dakhor users look like twisted figures with arms like knotted tree branches and tight skin pulled over strange ridges.[13] Their bones appear as if a piece of metal had been inserted beneath the skin and their skeletons appears twisted and carved.[10] While they are abnormal, the Dakhor monks don't seem deformed or inhuman.[14] Their bone growth is subtle enough that a robe can hide it.[10] Even with the initially repulsive nature of the bone twists, they still have a beautiful shape.[12] The bone twists are also known to glow, specifically when teleportation[15] or enhanced strength is being used.[16]


In order to access certain powers of Dakhor, living sacrifices must be made.[17] A ritual needs to be performed before the sacrifices can be killed, and Dakhor users cannot just slaughter people immediately.[18] The amount of Investiture in the people killed is far more important than the number of people killed.[19] Sacrifices will have their souls twisted, not stolen.[20]

Effects and Abilites[edit]

Regardless of how the Dakhor system is accessed, there are some constant effects. Dakhor can grant several abilities, some of which are part of the standard ability set for monks of Dakhor monastery. The first is the extreme strength of anyone who uses Dakhor.[10] The bones of the the Dakhor monks are almost indestructible, leaving melee weapons mostly useless against them.[17] Those who use Dakhor can receive enhanced speed as well.[10] Another more costly power is teleportation. In exchange for one person's death, large groups of people can be transported instantaneously.[15] The body and spirit of the sacrificed are used to power this ability.

Another ability granted by Dakhor can change a person's appearance, such as race.[15] This could presumably be used to change any aspect of a person's appearance. Dakhor can also grant the ability to negate Aons drawn by Elantrians,[21] though it is also possible for Dakhor to be negated by AonDor.[22] Another Dakhor ability is resistance to attacks from the Dor.[17] This power requires the deaths of fifty people and thus is rarely given. It is unknown if the ability to negate Aons and the resistance to Dor attacks are two separate abilities or both tied to the same type of bone shape. Dakhor users live longer than regular humans.[10]

If a Bloodsealer were to use Bloodsealing on the bones of someone who used Dakhor, the bones would still be able to access the Dor.[3] It would take more than just the bones of a Dakhor monk for a kandra to get Dakhor abilities.[23]

Relationship To Fjorden[edit]

Dakhor has a specific tie to the land of Fjorden. Like all Selish magic, Dakhor will decrease in power the further from Fjorden a user gets.[24] It is better than AonDor and Forgery at bringing the power with the user.[25][26]

Known Dakhor[edit]


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