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Arcanum - The Brandon Sanderson Archive is a collection of questions and their answers asked at various signings, releases, and other events. It aims to be a complete resource of all questions asked to Brandon on his works, with a special focus on the Cosmere. It was designed to replace the old Theoryland Interview Database that was mostly focused on the Wheel of Time and Robert Jordan works.


For many years Brandon Sanderson's fans were using Theoryland Interview Database to store questions answered by Brandon. It was maintained by Robert Jordan's fandom and so it wasn't easy for Brandon's fans to keep up to date. It was obvious that a new solution was required and multiple attempts to set up a new website were made behind the scenes by 17th Shard administration.

Work on the final version of the website started on 28th of June 2016. A small team started to brainstorm the design and functionality ideas, that were then transformed into a working prototype. The project was publicly announced on 22nd of May 2017 on the 17th Shard forum.[1] On the 6th of June, almost exactly one year after the start of the project, a big group of prominent 17th Shard members were invited to help fill the new website with all known Words of Brandon. Those users would be later known as Arcanists and most of them continue to work on Arcanum to this day.

The name of Arcanum as well as launch date was announced on 25th of October 2017.[2]

On 8th of November 2017 Arcanum was opened to the public with over 7,700 entries ready for fans to browse.[3]

The Palanaeum project was published on GitHub under the AGPL open source licence on 26th of April 2018.[4]

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