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Type Spren
Abilities Nahel bond, Dustbringer magic, Splinters
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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They like to break what is around them. They want to know what is inside.

Ashspren are a subset of spren that exist on Roshar. They are capable of forming a Nahel Bond, granting people the abilities of the Order of Dustbringers.[2]

Appearance and Culture[edit]

When Kaladin saw one of these point toward something, the skin stretching at the joint of his arm disintegrated and blew away, revealing the joint and knobs of the humerus. The skin quickly regrew.

—A group of ashspren in Celebrant[3]

In the Physical Realm, they appear to burn through the inside of objects in treelike patterns.[4] In Shadesmar, they take the form of humanoids with ashen-white skin. When the skin stretches, it's blown away, revealing white bones beneath before quickly growing back.[3]

Ashspren like to break things around them to see what's inside.[1][2] Hundreds of them have died during the Recreance, and unlike many others, it seems that ashspren never forgave humanity. They remain hostile towards them, blaming people's organized worship of Honor for their kinsmen's many deaths.[3][2] They seem uninterested in reforming the Knights Radiant, although it's uncertain how prevalent this outlook is.[1] Some, like Spark, seem willing to bond with people or cooperate with Odium's forces, while others dislike and avoid the Voidbringers.[2][3]

Ashspren seem to sail Shadesmar a lot, although lately, they avoid Cultivation's Perpendicularity due to the Voidbringer presence there. They can be found in fairly large numbers in the spren city of Celebrant, though they speak their own, separate language. Like many other spren, they dislike honorspren, although unlike many others, they seem to have no problems with Cryptics.[3]


Ashspren are one of the few spren capable of forming Nahel Bonds with people, turning them into Surgebinders with the power over Division and Abrasion. Like honorspren, they can be unseen and unheard when they wish to be, making them excellent spies.[2]

Notable ashspren[edit]


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