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Arcanum Unbounded

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Arcanum Unbounded
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Setting Cosmere
Released November 22, 2016

Arcanum Unbounded is a collection of cosmere short fiction released on November 22, 2016. In addition to seven previously published pieces of short fiction, this collection includes the all-new novella Edgedancer set on Roshar.


Arcanum Unbounded includes all the shorter cosmere stories that Brandon has released so far.

It also includes a star map of the cosmere, essays by Khriss and planetary charts for each Shardworld system featured, and new illustrations for each story included.

The Selish System[edit]

The Hope of Elantris
A short story set on Sel during the events of Elantris. Originally sold as an ebook on Amazon, but eventually made available on Brandon's website.
The Emperor's Soul
An award-winning novella set on Sel about Shai, a forger who must recreate the Rose Emperor's soul.

The Scadrian System[edit]

The Eleventh Metal
A short story set on Scadrial about Kelsier's training as a Mistborn. Originally sold with the Mistborn Adventure Game, but eventually made available on Brandon's website.

Originally available as a stand-alone novella through Tachyon Publications.

Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania
A short story set on Scadrial during the events of the Alloy of Law series that follows the exploits of Allomancer Jak, a gentleman adventurer. Originally published in the Alloy of Law rulebook supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game.
Mistborn: Secret History
A novella set on Scadrial that details some of the important background events that occurred during the original Mistborn trilogy. Originally released as a stand-alone ebook.

The Taldain System[edit]

White Sand excerpt
An excerpt from the graphic novel White Sand, along with the prologue and first chapter of the 1999 prose draft for comparison.

The Threnodite System[edit]

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
A novella set on Threnody, a minor shardworld, that tells the story of Silence Montane, who lives in a frontier society where deadly shades infest the woods. Originally published in George R. R. Martin's Dangerous Women anthology and later made available as an ebook and hardback in conjunction with the non-cosmere novella Perfect State.

The Drominad System[edit]

Sixth of the Dusk
A novella set on First of the Sun, a minor shardworld, about the eponymous character and his world's magical birds. Originally published in Shadows Beneath, the Writing Excuses anthology and later made available as a stand-alone ebook.

The Rosharan System[edit]

A novella set on Roshar featuring Lift.

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