Allomantic Agreement of '94

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Allomantic Agreement of '94
Type Law
Era Post-Catacendre
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The Allomantic Agreement of '94 is a law regulating the use of Allomancy.[1] It was passed before the time of Shadows of Self, which is in the year 342 (after the Final Ascension), so it must have been enacted in year 194 or 294 (the apostrophe in the title implies that it was not in year 94).

One of its provisions is the prohibition of using Rioters for commercial gain, i.e. to influence customers into buying by manipulating their emotions. However, there is no law against paying Allomancers for their services, e.g. Coinshots as couriers or Soothing parlors.

Significant government resources are used to enforce this law, with entire departments watching for violations of it.[1]


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